Written by alaina

2 Feb 2017

turning the car into her favourite layby on a Septembers afternoon Alaina was greeted by a line of five or six cars and vans of assorted sizes and shapes. Choosing a space between a blue builders van and a four x four she turned of the engine and relaxed in her seat assured that she would get some action soon.

A steady trickle of men left their cars and paraded up and down as if trying to make a selection from what was on show not stopping too long at each car, some disappeared into the bushes to be followed by others only to emerge after a short while one by one.

in an attempt to up the anti Alaina reclined her seat a bit and reached over to the passengers seat to move it forward as far as possible , thus giving more room in the back seat. Unbuttoning the top three buttons of her blouse, allowed the red and black lace bra to take centre stage, while moving her bum forward on the seat, her black leather mini shirt rode up revealing matching red and black lace panties and suspender belt supporting black lace top stockings.

Feeling devilish she reached down between her legs and started to rub gently all along the crotch piece of her panties tracing out the outline of its hidden treasure . Almost immediately three eager faces appeared at the window, each one vying for the best position. Keen to please, Alaina continued to rub a little more vigorously while closing her eyes dreaming of what might be about to happen.

Her arm unknowingly had pressed the window down button, a fact that was bought to he attention by the feel of other hands rubbing her intimately over her thighs and inside her bra.

Another car headed along the line of cars already parked causing the men to disperse so as not to draw attention to themselves or Alaina. within a couple of minutes it was all action again with three pairs of hands caressing Alaina's crotch and tities.

Allowing a feel fest for about 10 mins Alaina put her window up , steadied herself and opened the car door, scattering her admirers who followed her around the car to the rear passenger door, one opening the door for her and climbing in beside her . no sooner was he in the seat than his hands were in action once again, this time more urgently seeking out the secret of the bulge in Alaina's panties, while the other two pairs of hands appeared from the other side of her having opened the other door.

Eventually the secret was out of Alaina's panties, 15cm of erect cock wearing a full cock ring around the ball sac, thrusting everything upwards and out.

Feeling the familiar warmth of a wet welcome mouth close over her erect sissy clitty she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of the hands hands and lips that were everywhere.

Just as she was getting into the mood a voice suggested they all retire to his van where it would be more comfortable for everyone. Not having time to assess the situation fully , Alaina locked her car and joined the others in the blue van, stretching out on a large bench seat in the back of the van she was soon being taken from all angles, warm lips engulfing her shaft , taking in all of it , another pair of lips were licking and kissing her balls and edging the opening to her bum. the third person ,a slightly younger man was by now naked and sporting a full erection, slipping it eagerly into Aliana's own mouth which showed no signs of rejection. in fact the opposite, she eagerly swallowed all of it , even taking the time to insert two wet fingers into it owners anus, drawing a gasp of delight from the recipient.

Before too long, Alaina had emptied herself into one pair of lips and felt the warmth of the other pair, now eagerly seeking the same prize. the first person by now was attempting to fill Alaina's anus with his erect member which by now was not up to the task,

With everyone having had their fill of her , Alaina was taken back to her car, and left to reflect on the afternoons events, cum dripping from her mouth and her clothing only just covering her ravaged body. looking around she notice a joung man who had been watching the events of the afternoon, thanking Alaina for the video he had made of it all .

Feeling like a smug slut Alaina straightened herself up and drove home to ponder on an afternoon well spent

True Story