Written by The gardener

29 Jul 2015

I love reading your stories so wanted to share something with you all. I,m Barry. I'm 27 and a self employed gardener.

I have just finished a full landscape job for a couple. He's about 60 and she is in her mod to late 50's. Even though she is a lot older than me she is very hot.

She's a natural redhead, had an amazing figure with nice full tits. The issue with her was that she is a hell of a flirt.

From day one I would arrive at about 8am, her husband, a boring guy would leave for work at about 8:30am and almost immediately she would change into a tight skirt with a tight blouse and come out with a cup of tea. If it was a nice day she would stay and talk and make suggestions about by backside or suggest that becouse it was warm I take my top off and things like that.

This is all great I suppose but I'm married to a great girl so tried my best not to take any notice of her. After about 4 days of this she would make any excuse to touch my arms or my backside. Don't get me wrong, its flattering but if her husband found out then my reputation would go down the toilet and I wouldn't' get any work.

However, by now I was getting behind. I couldn't ignore her becouse after all she was the boss and would be paying me for my work so I had to pay her some attention.

One day it started to rain so she called me in. She made me a cuppa and sat on the kitchen work top. She had a nice tight blouse and skirt as usual but this time it was obvious there was no bra. Her tits where pushing out of the top and her nipples so hard I though they would cut through the materiel.

As guys will know, its hard not to look but I tried. I went to put my cup in the sink and she took hold of my arm. She asked if I way gay. I told her I wasn't and then she asked if I liked her tits. It was a bit awkward so I said they where very nice.

She undid one button and asked if I would like to see them. I told her I needed to carry on with the garden but she undid another button and then another. By now they where nearly falling out.

She took my hand and using my finger undid another button. The blouse fell open.

Her tits are amazing. They are large but still quite firm. She took my hand and placed it on one of them. I thought, what the fuck, she offering it to me on a plate so I had a squeeze. This sent her crazy, she started groaning and throwing her head back. I though she was going to cum with me just squeezing her tits.

I pushed her back and had a good suck. This sent her over the top and in seconds she has unbuttoned my trousers and was giving me a good hand job.

She jumped off the work top and went onto her knees taking my seriously hard cock into her mouth. She was sucking and slurping going fucking nuts, trying to get as much of it in her mouth as she could.

I was going to cum so I thought what the hell, I pulled her up, pushed her onto the table, her skirt was off in seconds revealing a nice shaved pussy and in a flash I was inside her. I fucked her so hard the table ended up on the other side of the kitchen, it moved an inch or so each time I thrust myself into her.

Her tits swaying except for the one I was either sucking or squeezing. She was screaming so much I though the neighbours would call the police so I shoved my tongue in her mouth to shut her up which she loved, sucking it until it filled her mouth.

It must only have lasted a few minutes before she was shaking and squealing and was obviously having an orgasm.

Her eyes rolled around in her head and she squeezed her tits. This was too much for me and I shot my load into her. I've always managed to provide the girls with great amounts of cum and this was no exception.

For the next 3 days each morning would start with a cup of tea until her husband left then a morning of fucking, either in her bed or the kitchen of living room, sometime twice a day and once she begged me to fuck her face cumin in her mouth which she lapped up.

On that day she only just managed to clean herself up when her husband came home. Sadly the job is done now. She still sends me text messages begging for my cock but I'm onto the next job now.

Sadly the job is over