Written by Fiskyminxx

16 Nov 2008

I had the most amazing shag last night!

A bit of background: I'm house-sitting for my parents while they're away and I was pretty bored,so I rang a guy I used to go to school with who lives nearby and we agreed to meet up for a drink.

Well a few drinks in I was feeling as horny as hell and invited him back to my parents place. We only got as far as the kitchen when we started snogging each others faces off. Clothes were flying in all directions and I was soon up on the kitchen top, legs open, while he entered me. We were both so worked up, we came in no time - me after about a minute and him soon after. We were in such a rush we didn't bother with a condom, so I asked him not to come inside me. When he was ready to come, he pulled his cock out and the spunk literally poured from it like a tap - it didn't spurt like usual. He emptied his load all over my tummy and tits and it ran down onto the kitchen top and splashed onto the floor. After we'd both subsided, he said he hadn't wanked for over a month, which explained the huge amount of sperm.

Anyway, we made a coffee - still naked - and went into the lounge, but he was hard again so the coffee was soon forgotten and we were quickly at it again. We decided to forget the coffee and go to bed, where we had another session before falling asleep.

Next morning we got up and had a shower together. He was rock hard again and I was back on heat, so he sort of lifted me up and jammed me against the wall of the shower before impaling me on his cock. He fucked me so hard I thought the shower was going to collapse, but the angle was great on my clit and I orgasmed really hard. When he was ready to come, he lifted me off his cock, sat me down in the bottom of the shower, stood over me and squirted his load all over my face.

All in all, a highly satisfactory night! xxxxxx