Written by Vonnie69female

18 May 2009

Hi I Recently joined this website after a one night stand with a toyboy. I had know the young man for a very long time, he used to live next door to me with his parents with whom my husband and i became very good friends. Although they moved away from the cul de sac 10 years ago they stll lived in the area so we kept touch and would usually meet up for parties. The last one we went to was about 18 months ago and (i will call him Liam) was there, he is now in his early 30s and a very good looking lad and confident to go with it. He spent all evening mixing through the party seemingly chatting up any single young lady but kept taking a little look over his shoulder at me, now i don't mind admitting that my Husband and i have been for a few years now been "going through the motions" so i was a little flattered that he seemed to be "checking me out" despite the fact that i am old enough to be his mum. After a while we got chatting and he paid me a few compliments by now i had decided that with enough red wine in me if he made a pass i would take him off somewhere and take him up on it. Unfortunately the party carried on but the pass did not come. The next morning i felt foolish and silly to have even had those thoughts and so wiped them from my mind completely. A few weeks later i bumped into Liam in the supermarket and he was charming and cheeky as usual and as we parted he just slightly touched my arm as we said our goodbyes. Again that was it for a while, i didn't bump into him and there were no parties. I am keen on am dram and regularly take part in local productions, and a recent production meant i had to wear a small short skirt and a tight top, i don't really have the figure for it (although i like to think i have a good figure for someone my age) but my husband liked the outfit all the same and one night i "wore the outfit" for my husband although i did not really inspire him!! The local paper reviewed the show and one of the pictures printed was one of myself and 3 other cast members in the outfits which i have to be honest made me feel very good. As usual once the production is complete we have drinks at the local pub this particular night my husband was away so i planned to have a few glasses of wine and go home as i would have to walk myself. I walked into the pub only to be greeted by Liam in the entrance on his phone, he smiled at me and continued chatting. I immediately felt a small wave of excitement, as the eveing wore on Liam smiled a few times and at one stage bought me a drink but didn't really chat so i figured i would finish my last glass of wine and slip home, as i said my goodbyes i noticed Liam leave the pub and thought that he'd be on his phone in the entrance again. As i got outside i saw him standing on the corner of the carpark, he waited for me to walk past him and he offered my a walk home. I accepted and we made the 15 minute walk towards my house, as we walked we chatted about the old times down the street we lived in, the 15 mnutes eemed to be over in 5 minutes, he walked me right up to my door, i turned and thanked him, opened my door and walked in, i was desperately hoping he would make a move but alas nothing. I closed the door and stepped into the lounge i was extremely turned on and my only thoughts were to get upstairs and relieve this "tension" as i slid off my jacket i heard a tap at the door i went back and opened it and could barely take a breath when he leaned in and kissed me, i dragged him indoors and closed the door we made it as far as the lounde before he had his hands all over me, his hand slipped up my skirt as his toungue delicately moved around my mouth, i touch his privates and could feel how hard he was i pushed him onto the sofa and udid his jeans his cock was hard and already leaking, i took it in my mouth i onloy got 3 or 4 sucks when he came, i pulled away and he looked quite sheepish at this quick explosion. He said sorry but he had wanted that since he was 18 and didn't expect it to last. I took his hand and led him upstairs we got onto my bed and kissed passionately for what seemed like hours without taking off to many clothes i still had my skirt on but my blouse was off revealing rather embarrassingly a standard white bra. we talked for a while and he admitted his crush and how he had fantasised about me for years, and told me how the recent picture in the paper of me turned him on, with that i put the production outfit on and seduced him. I can confirm that he lasted a lot longer the 2nd time and the 3rd time and all the other times after. We now meet when we can for sex.