Written by frg666

28 Dec 2008

I was on holiday with my wife of ten years recently. It was over Christmas and we were staying at a really nice hotel. There was plenty of sex involved, but not as much as I would have liked. On the first night after she was very drunk she slept most of the day. I expected this and so I was ready to go out. I heard that a nearby nudist area was fun to visit so I headed down the kilometer long walk to get to the area. It was one of my first visits to a nudist area so I was a little nervous expecially as I was on my own, so I sat down at the bar which was mixed and order a white wine. The weather wasn\'t so good but it was ok. There was a strong wind that was blowing, but the staff at the bar had set up wind breaks so there were brief respites. As I said it was one of my first visits to a nudist area so it took me a couple of wines to feel confident enough to move to the side of the little beach bar behind the wind breaks and to dispatch with my shorts. I was sat there enjoying everything about the situation and then my mobile rang. My wife had woke up but it wasn\'t going to be quick as it was so far away. Whilt I was waiting there a couple showed up and after a few drink I thought she was coming on to me whilst here husband watched. I honestly don\'t remember what happened afterwards but I think it involved me trying to go to the bath room with her. It\'s wasn\'t a great hit so i escaped over the dunes. The next day was a a serious holiday where my wife was concernred. The next day my wife was healthy so we made the trip to what was termed \'serious shopping\',we spent the day going around various shops. TBC.