Written by Vin

3 Jun 2017

This kinda carries on from a previous story ("....nearly there" 28/12/2017)

Suzanne and her sister had booked to go and see Take That in Newcastle on a Friday in May, they where making a girly trip of it shopping, cocktails, the concert and overnight in a hotel. Suzanne is a massive TT fan, and in particular Gary Barlow (but not loving the blonde look!) and has been to see them on every tour since their come back.

In the morning before they had set of i had fucked Suzanne with her big black rabbit, whilst telling her to fuck another man when she is in Newcastle, as usual she enjoyed the fuck (and massive cum) but afterwards said she wouldn't do that.

Off she went with her sister, she had a killer top on with lots of cleavage showing off her big tits, and as the day progressed she kept in touch with messages and pics, seemed like shopping took a back seat to the bars and alcohol, but pissed middle aged women at a TT concert are pretty standard. A few more messages during the concert and then back to the bars afterwards and the messages tailed off. Now normally I would get a goodnight message, maybe a booby shot to get me off to sleep, but I just assumed she was too drunk, in the morning I just got a quick "setting off now"

So expecting het to be horny when she got in (TT concert is normally a powerful aphrodisiac that lasts a few day!!) I had a shave and waited in bed. Front door opens, she comes upstairs and then............... tears, and lots of them. I leap out of bed and get her in a big hug and ask her what's up, it takes few mins for her to get herself together, but she just keeps looking at me and shaking her head, eventually her first word was "sorry" followed by another burst of tears. After more reassuring hugs and words she finally blurted out that she had slept with some one last night, I paused, allowed by brain to catch up, then - WOW instant hard-on!!!!!

I got her undressed and into bed and asked her to tell me what happened, she was very hesitant and kept saying sorry but I just telling her it wasn't a problem and putting her hand on my hard on to reassure her. Anyway after the concert they had gone back to a bar near their hotel, they still had an alcohol buzz on from before the show and where buzzing from the music and spectacle and had ended up talking and flirting with a group of men (Suzanne thinks early to mid thirties) one had taken a shine to Suzanne (kept staring at her cleavage apparently) she said he was making her laugh with his Gary Barlow impressions and was messing around on the dance floor with her and buying her drinks, he had started to brush up against her and feel her bum, Suzanne said she was just laughing and shaking her head at him, but didn't stop him.

Eventually Suzanne's' sister said she needed to go to bed but Suzanne was still in party mode (i.e drunk) so the 2 girls and a few of the men headed back to the hotel bar, Suzanne's sister went upstairs to bed but she stayed in the bar for a few drinks with the rest of the guys, the 'bum squeezer' stayed close and kept her laughing and kept leaning in and touching legs, bum. Eventually the rest of the guys started to disappear and he moved in for a kiss, Suzanne said she paused but she was very attracted to this guy so kissed him back. It quickly built up to be a passionate snog and his hands started to wander even more, she was getting super horny but broke away from the kiss and straight away he asked if they could go to her room. Suzanne said she had a bit of an internal debate but knew I had always wanted her to fuck another guy and that this was a no going back moment. She said yes and he followed her to the lift. In the lift there was more kissing and lots of hands and she said she just felt swept up in the moment.

When they got to her room she said they just got undressed and got in bed, straight away he went straight down and started kissing and licking her clit till she came, he then moved up the bed and started to fuck her, whilst holding and kissing her tits (they are fantastic!) he then asked her to go on top and ride him with her tits on his face (man after my own heart!) Suzanne said she did this till she came for a second time, then he manoeuvred her into doggy and fucked her till he came. They then fell asleep for a short while, then Suzanne woke up and kicked him out!

At this point I couldn't take anymore and just had to fuck Suzanne myself, I lasted about 30 seconds!!! Then I had a few more questions 1. Big cock? Answer - bigger than me but not by much, but not the porn star cock I dream about her fucking (damn!) 2. Cum inside? Answer - no, but she hadn't even thought about protection, he pulled out and came on her bum (curse him!)

We stayed in bed for ages after that, me reassuring her that I was fine with it, and digging for every scrap of detail she could remember, we had a couple of good fucks as she relaxed. I was fantasising, about fucking her cum filled pussy, yum, yum.

So Suzanne has finally fucked another guy, hopefully this will lead into some true cuckold situations in the future.

Oh yes, Suzanne is 45yo 4'11" size 16/18 with big tits and one hell of a sexy woman!!!!