Written by the greatful boss

24 Nov 2008

Dee has worked for me for over 6 years and in that time we have managed a couple of Fks at work nites out and some fumbling in the office.

Dee has a great ass and looks brill in denims/trousers with heels which she usually wears when we socialise..we are both married to others but enjoy it when we can get together which isnt often.

A month ago she suggested I put a sofa in my office as it would be more comfortable when she brings me my elevenses..so this was duly done and I have to say that it has improved our staff relations.

One morning I made sure my cock was shaved as I know she prefers it that way as I was determined to see how far she would go in the office and I waited for her to bring my cuppa (I am on the 3rd floor) which arrived as requested and after joining her on the sofa I told her what a good idea it was of hers and that maybe she should help christen it with me..she was a little hesitant but I went up and locked the office door and on my way back undone my trousers and by the time I sat down again she was stroking me after a few more kisses she willingly went down on my hard cock and proceeded to suck my cock with her gorgoeus soft mouth at the same time stroking my cock in rhythm with her hand..I have to say that it wasnt long before I was shooting my cum into her mouth where she proceeded to swallow it in full..

Afterwards she then told me she doesnt even give her hubby a bj and I was only the 2nd guy she had let come in her mouth..needless to say we meet quite regularly(weekly) in my office and she is always willing to "give me that friday feeling" as we call it..