Written by j and s

11 Nov 2008

Hello everybody this is something that took place last year, it is unusual and it will have to be written in two parts. The first part will be written by my self and the second part written by my wife ,,,as neither of us knew about each others experience until after it had happened. To give you some background my name is Jim and my wife is Sandra,,, I am 34 and Sandra is 29 and we have been married for eleven years. Sandra has deep red hair and has gorgeous legs with a bottom to match,, and people always refer to her as a looker. She really is good looking unlike myself,, as my mother in-law regards me as being ugly,,, which is probably correct. I always wondered what she saw in me but we hit it off straight away. On the second date we made love,, but she had me so excited I actually came in my pants while we were exploring each others body’s.

I am not very well endowed as I can only measure 5 inches when fully erect but Sandra has always insisted that I am enough for her. Well here is what transpired.. Eighteen months ago we moved to a new house. The couple next door came round and introduced themselves as Jeff and Babb’s. Jeff is 54 and a very well built man of around 6 feet tall while Babb’s is 52,, and around 5 feet 2 inches with a round tubby sort of figure. We got to know them very well// over the months and we would often spend some evenings in each others houses. Anyone Saturday night we were round their house,,, we had a meal and quit a bit to drink. At ten thirty Jeff put the TV on for match of the day. Sandra is not ken on football so she said goodnight Babb’s gave her a cuddle as normal and Jeff kissed on the cheek. With that Babb’s said,, goodnight Jim gave me a kiss and went off to bed while Jeff and I watched the football and drank a few beers.

When the it was over I said right that’s me,, I’m off to bed,, I’ll see you tomorrow Jeff. Then as I was about to open the back door he came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder. My god I thought he going to make a move on me,, I was nervous because no way am I bi. The he said Jim you have a really beautiful wife and I am going to fuck her. I was really taken aback and I didn’t know what to say and mumbled something about you have got no chance. Ho that’s where your wrong my friend she is ripe for the taking and I will take her when I’m ready. I stood their mesmerised when he pushed me against the wall,, now look here,, I am going to give you an instructions and you will carry them out. As I have said before he is a big man and I did not want a confrontation with him ,, so I said ok so as I could get out of there. Right now be a good little boy fuck off back home and in the morning bring me a pair of your wife’s dirty stained knickers.

I was glad to get out of there, and when I got in I was shaking with rage and also with fear. Sandra was asleep and I lay there awake listening to what Jeff had said to me as it ran through my head. I woke on Sunday morning to the feeling of my cock being stoked by my gorgeous wife. We made love and as we did I kept hearing Jeff’s words that he was going to fuck her. Then Sandra said my”” you’re a horny boy this morning I’ve never seen your cock so hard/// and as I entered her juicy wet pussy I only managed five stokes before I filled her belly full of spunk. I apologised but I still wanted more which is unusual for me as I can only manage once as a rule. We got up and had breakfast then I went for a shower and while getting dressed I kept looking at the laundry basket. Then to my own dismay I lifted the lid and took out a pair moist stained knickers and held them to my nose. I then shoved them in my pocket and took them round to Jeff.

What are you going to do with them I asked,, (stupid question I know) well that’s for me to know and you to find out. Then looking at me he said ok if you’re a good little boy I will tell you,, I don’t know why but I seamed to be under his influence. I am going to watch Sandra hanging out the washing and as she always wears shorts skirts. I can see right up her legs to her knickers or if I am lucky a nice tiny thong. Then from my bathroom window I can suck the gusset of her knickers while having a wank /// thinking of the day I enter that pretty little pussy of hers. Over the weeks he ordered me to bring more knickers and giving me back the pair he already had. Then he stopped asking for them and he stopped mentioning my wife,, I thought of my god as he already had her.

The thought that he could have fucked my wife was driving me insane so I decided to ask him if he had fucked my wife,,, because although I had gave him her knickers I still loved her to death/// and did not want to share her with him.

He told me he had not made a move on her, because we were friends he did not feel it right to offend us in any way. This was a complete reversal of the way he had treated me up to this point. Some weeks later I bought another car from Ireland so I left on the Saturday morning and came home on the Sunday. I phoned Sandra on Saturday night to see how she was and if she was doing anything over the weekend. She told me that she was going for a drive in the country with Babb’s and Jeff. Now Sandra will tell you what transpired from now on.