Written by nick

11 Jun 2008

My wife and I have been happily married for over 15 years and enjoy a good sex life which up to last year was involved only us two.

My wife Fay`s best friend is a gorgeous woman called Gina. Gina and I get on really well and always talk in a flirty and sexual manner. Gina is the same age as us 39 but is single and always on the pull. We socialise a lot together as the girls work for the same company and we live near each other as well.

At one of the company do`s Fay was as usual on the dance floor, dirty dancing with all the younger guys who she works with, while I was up at the bar with Gina. Gina was admiring Fay on the dance floor saying how horny she looked and how I bet I was looking forward to getting her home etc etc.

Gina then began to talk about her lack of action in the bedroom department and said she could do with a big cock like mine inside her.

I knew the girls talked quite openly about sex but this was the first time Gina had been so graphic. With a couple of beers inside me I responded by saying I would be more than happy to oblige but she would have to clear it with Fay first. The conversation got round to swapping, threesomes etc and I mearly commented that the only chance of Gina and I getting it on would be if Gina got herself a black boyfriend, then Fay just might think about swapping.

Gina said leave it with me.

A couple of months later Fay casually dropped into conversation one night that she had met Gina s new man and that he was a tall , athletic black guy called Al.Fay was clearly excited when she talked about him and as we fucked I fantasised to her about Al being in the room with us. Fay was cumming in seconds.

A week or two later we were all out on the town and Fay and Al were dancing together when Gina came over to me.

She very basically said that Fay was up for some swapping fun together and that it was basically just a matter of time.

That night Fay was as horny as fuck, telling me that she had felt Al`s cock as they danced and that he had even felt her tits. I added to her arousal by saying how much I would love to she her on top of his cock, fucking him dry. Fay repiled by saying how much it would turn her on seeing my cock in Ginas mouth while she was fucking Al.

The following Friday Fay told me that we were having a BBQ on Sunday afternoon with just Al and Gina as guests. I asked her if she thought that was wise and she smiled and said yes.

My cock was rising at the thought and Fay saw it. She put her hand down my shorts and began to wank me off. Why are you getting hard she asked. I replied that with a few drinks inside us maybe something might happen . Like what Fay asked her hand wanking me even faster. Like you fucking Al I replied , shooting my load on to the kitchen floor.

We`ll see said Fay.

I seemed to have a permanent hard on all Saturday and Sunday and Fay was hot too

Gina and Al arrived Gina was wearing a short dress which complemented her slim size 10 figure, her long dark hair neatly tied back. Al was in long shorts and a vest.

Fay was dressed in a very very short skirt and vest top and I knew she was wearing no underwear. Her curvy hourglass figure was just bursting out of it.

The first couple of hours were spent drinking and eating before we almost automatically paired off. Al and Fay cleaning the BBQ while Gina and I washed up. Gina put her hands down my shorts as yet another erection appeared, rubbing my pre cum up and down my shaft. I cant wait to fuck you she said as we finally kissed with a passion that had been burning for over 10 years. It is all planned she said, Fay is up for it, just go with it.

Fay and Al returned from the garden and we all went and sat in the living room.Fay put on some music and asked Al to dance with her. Gina and I sat on the sofa.

We watched as Al and Fay dirty danced to a couple of songs, every minute their bodies getting closer and closer. Then their hands. Al took off his vest. Fay was now kissing his nipples, Al`s hand were now on Fay`s arse pulling up her skirt to reveal her lovely arse. I was as hard as fuck and Gina was rubbing her clit with one hand and my cock through my shorts with the other. I could see Al was hard the whole room was filled with sexual tension.

Fays hands made her way onto Al s cock, then very casually Fay removed her top. Within seconds her skirt followed. Gina took off her dress and each couple was kissing with passion.

Gina was soon astride me guiding my cock into her soaking cunt. I am quite large 8 inches and fairly thick, but my tool just eased into her fanny. Gina s nipples were now in my mouth and she was moaning with pleasure. Gina got off me a started to give me a blow job, also to let me watch Fay.

All my dreams were coming true at once as Gina s mouth took my prick deep into her throat and less than 3 feet away from me my wife was sat on top of a black guy fucking him hard.

As I came in Gina s mouth, Fay got onto her knees and took Al into her lovely mouth , her bright red lipstick glistening as she sucked on his cock. Gina was now sitting on the sofa and I eagerly went down on her. As I did I heard Al gasp as he came in Fay s mouth.

Fay and Al then went upstairs, leaving Gina and I to fuck each other privately for half a hour or so it was heaven as Gina is a horny bitch and was constantly talking about the size of my cock, what Al was doing to Fay and how much she wanted fucking.

Gina then turned to me and handed me some KY jelly and smiled. I want you to fuck my arse while we watch Al and Fay she said. Gina bent over and I applied the jelly to her tight little arse making sure a finger or two slipped in as well much to her delight. Gina then coated my cock in the stuff to and we made our way up stairs.

Fay was on the bed receiving oral from Al, she was totally unaware we were there as she orgasmed and told Al to fuck her hard.Gina bent over the dressing table and opened her legs. I slowly pushed my cock into her arse inch by inch.

Soon I was fucking her arse with some force while on the bed Fay had her legs on Al s shoulders and was screaming with pleasure. Fuck me Al just fuck me she cried. Gina responded by telling me not to pull out but to shoot my load up her arse. Suddenly Al cried out I am coming and with that he shot his wad all over Fay. Fay was soon sitting on the edge of the bed cleaning Al s cock with her mouth. Gina was fingering herself as my cock exploded up her arse as we all final laid on the bed all totally fucked.

After half a hour or so of chat I fuck Mmy wife and Gina fucked Al.

Sadly Gina and Al did not last and we only enjoyed a couple more pleasant evening. But Gina is still single so you never know.