Written by TotalCuck

17 Jun 2008

A few weeks ago (April 30) I wrote about the arrangement that has developed between my wife and her two lovers, and where it leaves me.

Encouraged by some of the feedback I received from you I ventured to say to her that next time she invite one of her friends over that I should at least get to watch. When asked what makes me think so, I showed her my entry on SH. She didn’t react at all, but just said “I see”.

The very next day she said that she had a friend coming round that evening. As usual I helped her prepare before being locked in the spare bedroom for the duration of his visit. Afterwards I got nothing from her.

A few days later she announced that she had a friend coming round again (I assumed her other lover, which turned out to be the case – I could tell by the voice). Again, I helped her to get ready before being locked in the spare room. Yet again, I got nothing from her after he had left.

At this stage I was very anxious that my writing on here had blown my chances of ever getting anything from her again – you will recall that I sometimes got to lick her clean after her lovers had been to visit.

About a week later she announced (as usual, over breakfast) that she had her friends coming round that evening. Did I hear right? She did say friends (plural) – this was to be a first, both together. I could hardly contain myself all day, and sure enough I helped her to get ready before being locked in the spare room and cuffed to the bed, naked.

Sure enough, the doorbell rang twice that evening and I could hear distinctly that both of her lovers (I recognise the voices) were present that evening. Before long the music got louder but so did the sexual noises. In fact, my wife was noisier than ever as she got fucked in our lounge, presumably by both of them at the same time.

After about an hour I heard her scream with excitement, then after a relatively short quiet period I heard my door being unlocked.

“Don’t say a word” she whispered as she came in (locking the door behind her). “I hope you could hear me, even if you couldn’t see” she said. I nodded. She climbed on top of me and as she did so she opened up her silk dressing gown to reveal her naked body. I could see that her pussy was matted with spunk. She looked fantastic.

She mounted my hard cock and rode me for a few strokes. I could feel her lover’s spunk start to flow from her. At this point she dismounted my cock (leaving behind a globule of spunk on me) and squatted over my face. I lapped at her like a man possessed, her pussy streaming with spunk as her pussy relaxed. I drank as much as I could and after a few minutes she shuddered to an orgasm – the first she had had in my presence for nearly two years.

She climbed off, wrapped herself up and kissed me on the cheek before heading for the door. “You may get to watch next time” she whispered as she left.

I really do hope so.