Written by Sara

25 Oct 2010

If you're reading this you have almost certainly read my original piece where I satisfied an ambition to have two men fucking me, now for Part Two where Tony fulfils his fantasy!

That year after we'd returned from our holiday in Spain we were fucking lazily, scissors-style, one Sunday morning, when Tony said, 'You've had your fantasy come true, how about mine?' 'I've been thinking about that,' I told him, 'I mean who it could be. Have you thought of anyone you'd like to do it with?' 'Well, I've certainly thought about it,' Tony replied, 'there's only one I could think of who might do it, but I'm sure that she's not the sort of woman you would get on with.' 'Ah,' I said, 'matter of fact I've been thinking about who you could do it with too and I think I have the answer. In the past you've told me that you'd be up her in a flash if I wasn't around.' 'Oh? Who on earth could that be?' 'My young sister, Patti,' I told him. 'Christ, yes!' Tony yelped, 'What a sexy little cunt she is, never occurred to me! God yes, I'd fuck her alright and I know, because you have told me, that you used to play around with each other when you were young, I'd pay money to see that! God, yes! And you reckon she'd do it?' 'Well,' I considered, 'I have to admit that I don't really know, but I do know that she's like me, loves a cock up her, she loves the physical just like I do, So I reckon there's a good chance.'

We agreed that I'd ring Patti and ask her if she'd like to stay for a long weekend, as we hadn't seen her for a long time. I duly did so and she accepted like a shot. She arrived late on the Friday evening and we flew into each other's arms, we had always been very close when we were young. I was actually four years older than Patti was, so when we first played around and desperate to find out what sex was all about. We went on doing it really until I was twenty when I left home, by then she was beginning to look for her first lover. Tony was delighted to see her, she is petite with small, sharp breasts that thrust out a blouse or sweater and has fabulous legs, 'Must run in the family,' Tony said.

That evening I had to cook something for Patti and we simply caught up on what each other had been doing before we finally went to bed. The next day, Saturday, Tony was off to football, our local team played in the Championship and Tony had followed them since he was a boy. It gave Patti and me time for a good gossip and catch up on more intimate things. So far she hadn't married, but she'd had plenty of lovers and she had me in stitches relating some of her experiences. Then I told her about me and Tony's agreement, 'Wow! have you actually done anything yet?' she asked. So I told her about what we had got up to in Spain. 'I've often thought about that,' Patti said,'what was it like being fucked by two different men one after the other?' 'Fabulous!' I replied, 'Matter of fact we've been thinking about my side of the bargain, that I'd allow Tony to have another woman, with me for a threesome. Very difficult, finding someone I wouldn't mind Tony fucking, in front of me I mean, with me playing around with her as well, which I know would turn him on like nothing else.'

Patti immediately said, 'Well, I know the answer to that! I know Tony's always fancied me and you and I have history with each other. I always loved it, it was great! I would be very happy to let Tony fuck me as often as he liked, and watch him fucking you too for that matter!' We hugged each other and agreed that before Tony came home we'd shower, just put on a dress or skirt and blouse with nothing under and do a number on him. 'He'd be gobsmacked!' I laughed, 'And he'd have his fantasy come true!' So that is what we did.

We showered, powdered and perfumed each other and both put on sexy, tight-fitting dresses. The waited for Tony a vodka tonic in hand. He got in at about six, I had prepared a meal that morning, to save time, that only needed heating up. We duly sat down and ate that, with a bottle of wine and a brandy to finish. As a result Patti and I had reached the giggly stage, we had agreed that when we had finished dinner we would sit and watch a porno tape and accidentally expose ourselves now and then. I said, 'It won't fool Tony, but it'll certainly get him interested!'

Tony and I had a selection of such DVD's and we had chosen two, one showing two men and a woman, the other two women and a man. We showed the first of these to start with and Tony commented that it was like he and I had got up to on holiday. We then showed the second. Patti by then had 'accidentally on purpose, given Tony a glimpse of her freshly shaven fanny as she changed the DVDs. Then she and I, becoming aroused, started plying with ourselves. Tony got the hint and soon produced his lovely cock, he's not small, as you know, and Patti's eyes widened as she appreciated what she was going to get later.

As the DVDs ended I suggested Tony had a shower and told him that we were going to be in the spare bedroom. He came in grinning a few minutes later with a big hard-on, 'Ooh, nice!', was Patti's comment. Tony laughed, 'Let's see all of you then, I've always wanted to!' Patti and I divested ourselves of our only garments and paraded in fron of him, he had eyes like chapel hatpegs as he stared at his sister in law's great figure. In moments they were in a clinchkissing passionately with Tony murmuring, I've never seen a pair of breasts like yours,Patti!' He bent and kissed them and her nipples, stroking her bum as he did so. Patti grasped his cock, although I have said he has a good one I haven't really described it. It is roughly seven inches long and a bit thicker than normal and is almost straight, just a slight curve upwards. In moments Patti was holding his balls with her other hand, 'Now I know why Sara says you produce a lot of spunk the size of these beauties!', she commented. They continued kissing,Patti slid down his body and began kissing and fondling Tony's cock, then she took it in her mouth and started moving her hand up and down gently as she sucked hard.

'God!' Tony exclaimed, 'Much more of this and all my spunk will be down your throat, not up your cunt! Patti let go and laughed, he picked her up and deposited her on the bed, pulled her to the end and, putting her legs over his shoulders, buried his face in her cunt. I could hear him slurping and saw Patti writhing and gasping. Tony had learned a lot from Tom and watching closely I saw him suck Patti's clit and everything, just like my on-going lover did to me. Patti gasped and moaned loudly and the convulsed as she came, 'Oh, Christ, Tony, no more, I can't stand that any more, just fuck me!'

She scrambled up the bed and Tony was between her legs almost as soon as she'd got there, he was lifting himself up so that I could see. I often wondered how I'd feel in such circumstances, well the answer is that I was thrilled beyond measure. I felt myself masturbating with excitement as I watched my husband's cock enter my sister's cunt. He pushed it gently up her as far as he could get, his balls jammed against her bum. Then he rested, 'Like it?', he asked. 'Oh yes! It feels wonderful!',came the reply. So Tony started to fuck her, gently to start with ensuring that Patti felt every fraction of an inch penetrating her. She ws soonbegging him to 'fuck harder', he responded, I knew that he could fuck far harder yet. He took his time and after a minute or two Patti started to rise to each thrust. He'd forgotten all about me and was now lying on her, only his bottom revealing the extent and force of each thrust.

Patti loved it, she had her knees up to her breasts and her fingers were digging into his back as he speeded up pistoning into her with ever increasing force. Patti was breathing hard with a gasping noise and I could see that she was having little cums every now and then. After about ten minutes Tony gasped, 'I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' 'Right up, lover, fill my cunt!', was Patti's response, and she got it, I knew what Tony's ejaculation was like and I was sure my sister would love it as much as I do. After what was obviously at least six spurts Tony flopped on Patti's stomach, she stroked the back of his head, 'Oh, lover, that was wonderful, you can fuck me any time you like!', she murmured.

Tony rolledoff, a satisfied smile on his face, his limp cock flopping on his stomach as he lay on his back. Patti looked at me, 'Shall we give him another treat as a reward for a great fuck?' she asked. I got on the bed the other sideto Tony and we kissed, oh those lovely soft lips! How they got to me remembering how much I liked kissing my sister as a lover, she whispered in my ear, 'Suck the spunk out of me, then kiss me and give it to me, he'll love it!' I did as she bid, Patti had a lovely little cunt, she doesn't have a prominent mound as I do, but her lips, although much shorter than mine are very fat, swelling on either side. I recalled how her cunt when she was aroused and had her legs closed pushedthe soft flesh of her thighs apart at the very top. Her lips were very neat and, unlike mine, the inner ones almost non-existent. Like me though, she had a prominent clit when aroused which again, like me, caused her to climax easily. Spunk was oozing out of her love-channel, I kissed her clit then sucked at the spunk and filled my mouth, there was plenty left.

I slid up Patti's body and kissed her, she opened her lips and I squirted my mouthful into her mouth, I could see and hear her swilling it around and tasting it, then she swallowed, 'Oh yes,' she told me, 'more please!' And she got it until all I was filling my mouth with was her love-juice, which I swallowed. Then I turned and we sixty-nined. We climaxed together, I sneaked a look at Tony and he was playing with an erection. I turned again and said, 'Come on then, darling, my turn, I want a good long fucking!'

He fucked me with a rest or two for over half an hour, I had a lot of little cums but no earth-shattering ones and felt marvellous when he came shooting his spunk deep into my demanding cunt. Eventually he rolled off. As he did so Patti got her head between my thighs saying, 'That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen, you fuck so beautifully together!' Then she buried her face in my wide open cunt and did to me what I'd done to her. Then I came alright,a real body convulsing, body shaking, orgasm. After this we simply kissed and cuddled each other until Tony became hard again and wanted to give Patti the sort of long fucking he'd given me. I dozed off although I wanted to watch again because I found watching Tony fucking Patti as he fucked me fascinating.

I think we all went to sleep although I was woken once or twice, first by him giving Patti one from behind and later doing the same to me. When we woke, Patti and I were amazed to see that Tony had an erection. As soon as he realised we were awake he hauled Patti up on her hands and knees at the end of the bed, inserted his cock and gave her another long fucking. I scrambled to lie under Patti with my head between her knees and watched properly, for the first time, Tony's cock as it slid in and out of her cunt and what it did to the shape as it pulled her delicate flesh out and pushed it back in with each stroke. Patti was certainly very aroused for her love-juice dripped onto my face all the time. After he'd cum, spunking deep into her he waited a moment then slid his cock out. It was beginning to soften, it was red and glistening and there were streaks of spunk all over it.

As we separated I pulled Tony onto his back on the bed, knelt over him and sucked his now flaccid cock into my mouth. Patti said that I'd made a meal of it afterwards! Nevertheless, both Tony and I both enjoyed it, Tony went to sleep again while Pattis and I showered and went downstairs nude and had breakfast sitting on towels, we were both still leaking! It was a great weekend, now we have Patti and Tom to visit alternately, our love-lif transformed. We've been doing it now for several years, about once every two months for each of them, you want to try it! Tony swears by fucking in another man's spunk and fucking my sister and I delight in fucking both the men and making love with Patti. What a life!