Written by Christ D

13 Jul 2015

Hello, My name is Chris, I'm 43 years old and I have always been a saver. I studied hard in school and uni, got a really good job in engineering and I don't lack a few pounds in the bank. My wife is a spender, but she has a good job too and we have separate money, so when her cash is done, it is done. My wife is 29 and her sister is 22. This is the story of the surreal arrangement I have struck up with my sister in law Claire.

Claire and I get on very well, always have done. We meet for coffee and lunch regularly and my wife is delighted with things as they stand. Claire is 5'9", shoulder length brown hair , very pretty (looks like Eva Lovia), with small 30B/C boobs and an bubble butt. I absolutely adore her ass...but honestly never thought I would get to do more than stare!!

i was out with my friends and inevitably hit the strippers at the end of the night. I got a few dances and was rightly on my way to a great hangover when I saw a mixed group enter the club....clearly a work night out. It was young folks, the young guys looking at the strippers while trying to look like they weren't looking, the young women looking and comparing themselves . To my horror...there in the middle was Claire, my sister in law. I kept my head down and concentrated on the 19 year old brunette in front of me. I asked for a dance and tried to get into the back area quickly without Claire seeing. I enjoyed the dance, and on attempting to return to my seat, I bumped into Claire......I was mortified. She looked at the 19 year old eastern European stripper and giggled at my discomfort. I was pished, she was pished....I asked her not to mention it at home. Off we went our separate ways.

Fast forward a few weeks and we are having lunch. I broached the subject, saying I was embarrassed she has seen me there having had a dance. She just laughed it off and said it's just a bit of fun. She lamented that she earned "peanuts" and had thought of stripping, if her family wouldn't just disown her for it. I laughed and agreed, that I could see that being their reaction. She asked how much I had spent on Saturday in the strippers ......I went very red and honestly told her...nearly £300. Claire was aghast and said she doesn't make that in a week!! Long story short....I admitted that my wife had no idea of how much I have in the bank , but suffice to say £300 isn't breaking the bank. Claire joked that £300 would be ideal for drinking money on top of her wage. I cheekily interjected that all she needs to do is get a job in the club and be there with I come in. We both laughed, but then in a conspiratorial whisper, she asked what I got for £300. I said, no sex, it was just a series of dances. I cheekily asked her what she would do for £300, and she laughed and brazenly said, that a blowjob would be on the cards. Claire sat for a bit and then lamented that she wished she had spoken to the club about a job, cos she was absolutely skint already. I said I could lend her money, to which she laughed and cheekily said "what do I need to do for it?".

I was in dangerous territory here, but I chanced my arm...so I quickly replied in a light hearted way....Nothing for a loan , but if she didn't want to pay it back then she needed to get imaginative. She laughed , then said that she would be interested if I was. I simply said, it could be our arrangement , going as far as she liked. She said she needed £100 to pay her gas bill, due in the next few days. I took out £50, told her if she was serious, she should go to the toilet and take some sexy selfies and send them to me. She smiled a mischievous smile and got up straight away and went to the ladies. My heart was racing in my chest as I watched my phone to see if I had pushed things too far. My phone beeped....I opened the message ....and there was Claire....a selfie with her bra only on. I replied....bra off please. My phone beeped again....her exquisite tits in shot. I went for it..."show me those knickers"......and after a pause....my phone beeped....and there was my sister in law with her skirt round her waist and a downward shot of her tiny black lace knickers. I told her to take them off and bring me them and she will get her £100.

She walked back from the toilet a few minutes later and was flushed looking but very very sexy. I told her I loved the photos...and if she was up for this, I would be happy to pay her when she needed. I gave her the £100 and lunch was over. As I hugged her goodbye, she slipped the knickers into my pocket. I got to the car, and took them out. They were damp and musky in the crotch. I was so hard, looking at the pics and smelling and touching her knickers. I didn't message her , leaving it up to her......but it was only the next week when she messaged about the arrangement again.

I will update again soon. Hope you liked it.