Written by Chris D

14 Jul 2015

This is a continuation of my experiences with my sister in law Claire.

After the initial meet where I paid for pics and her underwear, I didn't hear from Claire for a week with regard to more money. When I did, the message was short and to the point "seen a dress in Coast that would be perfect for the wedding in 2 weeks.......but I'm skint x". The obvious invitation was there, and I got hard immediately. I replied "how much we talking? Shoes, bag , underwear and hair included". About 5 minutes passed......"you might not have much change from £400". I replied "what do it get for £400?". My heart was in thudding in my chest while I stared at the screen awaiting her reply.....this was a significant amount of money that pics and knickers weren't gonna cover. My phone lit up, a new message from Claire : "Any pics you want, plus a blow job this week and lap dance with blowjob next week". I have never been as hard as the moment I read that message......literally, I could feel blood pulsing in my temples and my cock throbbed to the beat of my thudding heart. £400 wasn't much in the grand scheme of my savings, and I was enjoying this, so I sent the counter offer : "£450 and the lapdance ends with you sitting on my cock."......1 minute passes, then "£500 and your cock ends up where you want". I nearly came on the spot reading that. I had the snip, so I sent back "deal...I'm not a fan of condoms, but I've had the snip.....we ok with no condoms?". She was fine with that, and immediately wanted to know when we could go get dress etc. It was a Thursday, late night shopping and I was in town at the office. "Tonight?". She said she was in town anyway and that would be ideal.

I met Claire in the town centre beside a well known cafe chain. We hugged and she looked nervous and excited. I told her to lead the way ! We bought the dress, shoes, a bag, then she got a little shy and asked about the underwear. I told her I had always wanted a girl to dress in Agent Provocateur for me, but her sister wasn't that fussed. Claire simply said "you kidding?". I told her , that if she would indulge me...then I would get her a set for under the dress....and a set for entertaining me. She took her time, got fitted and racked up a fair amount for what I came to find out....was precious little material. Before long we were back at the car and we got in. No sooner had the doors closed than she lent over and kissed me with a passion that I felt in my boots! Lightening shot straight into my cock, and I kissed back with gusto. We broke apart and she told me she overspent but was willing to start paying me immediately. Claire told me her boyfriend was out and if I dropped her home, we could start the payment plan. I got there in record time. We got inside and she dropped the bags and I pushed her against the wall and kissed her fiercely, my hands instinctively dropping to her ass ....it was perfect.

She moved away from the wall, turned me round, pushed me against the wall and unbuttoned her blouse. She let her hair down and shimmied her skirt up to her hips revealing red lace french knickers. She dropped to her knees, and started to unbuckle my trousers and fish out my rock hard cock. I looked down as she wanked me close to her face, before enveloping my cock in her red full lips. She wanked and sucked me in long slow, deliberate movements, her hand working my shaft as her tongue caressed my tip . Her other hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy in a frenzy of fingers and delicious wet noises. I couldn't hold out any longer......and I didn't warn her....I had paid for this moment and I would enjoy it....so I ran my fingers in her hair and started to gently gain pace. She sensed it and worked me hard, deeper, longer........Then my world became a point focused on my cock and the spurt upon spurt of cum that was erupting into her willing mouth. I heard myself hissing incoherent noises as she swallowed and sucked and wanked with undiminished fervor. Finally I was spent and slumped back against the wall while she cleaned me. I think she came when I came, I remember her moaning round my cock....but I could be wrong.

I stood her up, kissing her passionately. I ran my hand down and found her smooth , freshly waxed. She was soaking, and I withdrew my hand and rubbed her knickers into her succulent pussy lips before pulling them down, indicating I wanted them off. She broke the kiss, took them off quite elegantly before giving them one last wipe on her pussy....ensuring they were utterly soaked. I sniffed them as she handed me them, then smiled and kissed her.

Business was concluded and she straightened herself up as did I . She thanked me again, and as I left, she simply said "message me about the pics". I hugged her in the doorway was I have done for years, the facade of respectability back in place. I drove home and sat in my study with red french kickers in my hand, thinking about the next payment.