Written by Home husband

23 Sep 2017

I woke to find my wife wriggling beside me. It took a few seconds to work out what she was doing. She was naked except she was wearing a pair of panties and she was pushing them down and kicking them off.

As soon as they were removed she threw back the top sheet and blanket then lifted herself on top of me and positioned herself over my rigid cock. As usual it was standing at full attention as it normally does at this time of the morning. She dropped her pussy onto the end of my cock and let herself down until it was fully inside her.

She then started to rock back and forth. She looked down at me and smiled and waited for me to say something.

It took me a few more seconds to realise that her pussy was very wet and maybe not quite as tight as it usually is in the morning when we fuck.

I looked up at her and asked “is that cum I can feel in there.” She just grinned and said “ sure is and I kept it for you”.

She then stopped rocking and lent back and put her hands on my thighs and started to lift herself up and down on my cock. She likes doing this as it makes my cock rip on the front wall of her pussy and she gets off very quickly.

Sure enough she started to shake and breathe hard and gasp. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” was all she could say over and over.

She was starting to tire from doing all the work so I rolled her over and almost did it without my cock coming out of her but it did for a second or so. I was between her legs and pushed back into her and started to ride her. I knew she would cum again very soon and she did.

I then lifted her legs up and so her ankles hung past my shoulders and pounded her again. She screamed this time and as she came so did I.

I lay back down beside her and waited for her to tell me about her night.

She told me all when she caught her breath.

She said “Michael fucked me last night, he did it twice. He wanted me to stay but I came home because you would be expecting me and I didn’t want you to worry. I also wanted to make sure I emptied your balls. You liked it didn’t you, you crazy, crazy man”.

I leaned back and kissed her deep. “You know I liked it, you crazy, crazy woman” I said. We then laughed and cuddled some more.

I then said “I didn’t know that you would see him or he would even be here”. “Neither did I”, she said. “It was a complete surprise. A nice one but a surprise”.

Our life is like this and it works well.

My wife manages a business and she has been fucking her boss, Michael. He is married and lives in another city. So he only visits here. He always flies in. She sees him also when she attends conferences at his head office.

He actually head hunted her and put her in charge of the business here. That office here had been going bad and she worked for the rival company. Since she took over 2 years ago she has turned it around and her old business has closed its doors here. She has all their customers and some of their good staff.

Last night she was attending a business awards dinner. She didn’t know that she was getting an award but Michael did, so he flew in for a surprise visit. I would have gone to the dinner with her as well, if I had known. She still would have gone to his hotel room with him and I would have gone home and waited. It would have been a long wait and this was better.

I run my own security business so I worked as we had a major job on and I wanted to oversee it.

I got to bed about 2 am and she got home when I was asleep at about 5.30am.

Our relationship is completely open and I have always encouraged her to take her freedom. She certainly doesn’t sleep around but has had sex with 4 other men since we have been married. She had fucked Michael many times and he obviously gets to cum in her. It’s by far the best way. It’s good that she doesn’t see him all the time. She lets him do almost anything to her. I know she has let him cum in her arse which was a surprise as she lets me do that on special occasions only. It’s not one of her favourites. But she showed me when she got home after he had left his load there. She wanted me to fuck her pussy first which was cum free but told me to have her arse after she had cum twice.

She did go bareback with one of the other 4 lovers and we did try threesomes with him but I didn’t want that anymore. I like her to have her freedom and then come home to me. It’s as simple as that.