Written by j and s

11 Nov 2008

Hi folks this is part two of the bastard next door // Jim has told you what has happened so far // so now I will complete the experience. I am now going to tell you what happened on that weekend that Jim was away. Bearing in mind at that moment in time I knew nothing of what transpired between Jim and Jeff.

On the Sunday I had arranged to go for a drive in the country with Babb’s and Jeff ///// but when Jeff knocked on the door he was alone. I asked him where Babb’s was and he said that she was not feeling very well.

I said its ok you stay home and look after her/// we can all go out some other time. He said that Babb’s had told him to go as they had booked a table for lunch/// so I agreed to go.

We drove into the peak national park to a small country pub,, where we had a very nice lunch and I had three vodkas. After lunch we drove into the forest area and we sat talking in the car.

Then I caught Jeff looking at my skirt which had rode up and my stocking top were just visible. You have the greatest legs that I have ever seen Sandra// you should not be looking I’m a married woman.

So what/// married or not you still have great legs, then suddenly he put his hand on my right leg just above the knee. I quickly removed it and told him to stop this or he could take me back home.

Come on Sandra I’ve seen more of you than that/// what are you talking about ? /// I have watched you for months hanging out the washing in your short skirts. I have seen those tiny thongs that you wear sometimes.

I have even tasted the juice from your pussy// then I said now I know you must be loosing it. Ho yeh he replied // ask Jim then // ask Jim what // well I’ll tell /// he has been giving me your dirty knickers from the wash basket and I have sucked the gusset clean.

Then I felt his hand on my leg again and I will never know why I did not move it away at once. But my mind was in a whirl // I could hardly believe that Jim had given him my dirty knickers to suck on. Jeff had actually tasted my pussy from my knickers // I meekly pushed his hand away when he suddenly leaned over and kissed me full on the lips.

I managed to push him away even though he is a big man // its no use protesting Sandra // I have always wanted to fuck you. And what’s more // you know your pussy is wet // I can recognise your cent anywhere.

He was right my pussy was leaking juice onto my knickers and I was feeling horny // but I am a happily married woman I told him. Well almost he replied as he grabbed my hand and put it on his jeans and I could feel his hard cock.

I told Jim that you are ripe for fucking and that I would take you at my will // so now I am taking your sweet pussy for myself. Fuck my heart was racing all this talk had me wanting him to fuck me.

Jim wants me to fuck you /// he is just a boy // I have seen the size of his little cock // its no good for a woman as horny as you. Sandra you want this don’t you// as he opened his fly and pulled out his cock. I didn’t know the actual size of it ///but it was definitely bigger and fatter than Jims /// it was at this point I knew I wanted it to happen

Jeff leant over and pulled me closer to him and kissed me full on the lips /// this was the first time I had passionately kissed another man since I met Jim. Jeff’s hand was now feeling my inner thigh while it travelled up under my skirt to me knickers.

He was stroking my pussy through my knickers /// and I was wanking his lovely thick cock. I felt his fingers slide under the gusset /// and his finger slide inside with me ease as I was gushing love juice.

Then he pulled his finger out and said not here /// lets go home// Babb’s will be there /// no , I am going to fuck you in your marital bed. I did not protest and it seemed to take no time at all to drive back home.

As we walked through the door Jeff picked me up with one arm around my back and the other around by bottom. He carried me up stairs as though he was carrying me over the threshold// and all the time his thumb was feeling my wet knickers.

Once in the bedroom he threw me onto the bed// reaching up my skirt and swiftly removing my knickers. He held them to his nose inhaling my love juice then he started to suck the juice from the gusset.

After sucking my knickers with his tongue he lay on top of me and kissed me /// as I tasted my own love juice as I had many times with my husband. The taste was filling my head with pure lust and I wanted more.

My whole body was shaking in anticipation of feeling Jeff’s cock inside me I was desperate to be fucked by him. I had not even given my husband a second thought I was so much wanting Jeff to fuck me now.

But instead of climbing on top of me // he buried his head between my legs and softly licked and sucked on my pussy lips which were protruding from my pussy. I felt an orgasm erupt from my stomach to me head as I gushed my juice all over Jeff’s face.

(Now girls you will all understand this after an orgasm your pussy is so sensitive)

I told Jeff no, no, no,, no more please /// I went to pull away but he grabbed both my wrist and held me firm as he continued to lick my pussy. I was near to passing out as my head spun from the stimulation.

I even cried tears but he was intent on carrying it through to the end // then slowly the tingling subsided. He then let go of my wrist’s and I swore at him telling never to do that again // but he only replied you would make a great slut.

He came up and kissed me on the lips so once again a could taste the sweetness of my own pussy. We the got into a 69 position with him on top /// and I loved the taste of the bell end of his cock.

I slowly took more of his cock in my mouth when he instructed me to lick his arse hole // which is something that I had never done before. This was really getting him worked up when he shouted shove your finger up my arse.

This was also a first for me as I slowly inserted my finger up his arse and rimmed it in and out faster and faster as instructed. Then I felt Jeff’s finger sliding in my arse hole// and to be honest I was loving it as I felt my juices running down my inner thighs.

Again another orgasm ripped through as he sucked my pussy lips and we fingered each others arse holes. After my orgasm subsided we came face to face as he gulfed me in his strong arms.

Right my gorgeous little creature you are now going to get what I promised your husband I would give you/ I am going to fuck you. I had to admit that I was wanting his cock so badly and I lay there waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Jeff started to stroke his cock as it stood out like a flag pole // this is what I have wanked // while I watch you in your garden. As he lay down on me I could feel his cock easily enter my drenched wet pussy. No Jeff not bare back use a condom I am unprotected// (this is because Jim is not fertile)

He took no notice and pushed himself all the way in up to his balls // I was so lost in my own depravity I gave up all protest. He fucked me slowly for ten minutes /// and I begged him to ram me // then with all his force fucked my adulteress pussy.

Faster and faster he forced his cock all the way inside me until I felt his arse cheeks clench and stiffen. I was cum--ing again as I felt him unload deep inside me and fill me with his warm creamy sperm in my unprotected pussy.

As I came down from my orgasm it eventually came home to me that I had just cheated on my husband and felt the first pangs of guilt. Jeff got up and dressed and said next time I’m going to fuck your arse hole.

We had been in bed for three hours /// with that he walked out the bedroom door and down stairs and out the front door. Then just ten minutes later Jim came in and I was still in bed. Jim asked why I was in bed and I broke down and confessed to what had just taken place.

In my heart I thought that this would be the end of our marriage // but then Jim said that everything that Jeff told me was true. He had given Jeff my knickers so he could wank about me. Deep down he said that he must have wanted Jeff to fuck me // but he did not want to loose me.

We have talked in depth about Jeff and the way he went about fucking me // and we have come to terms with it. I did admit to Jim // that I felt it was the most wonderful fuck I have ever experienced. So in the last two months Jeff as fucked three more times // my husband wanted to watch.

But I had to explain to him /// that I could not do this in front of him// as I let my self go so much that I don’t want to make him feel inadequate to Jeff. I also have gone on to the pill as we do not want a babe involved in our life.

I still love my husband to death and I would never leave him for anybody else // and he feels the same way about me /// and I am fond of his small cock. So it proves that a strong marriage can survive an extramarital affair even if the excitement rules your mind.