Written by j and s

18 Nov 2008

Hello again everybody Sandra here //I would like to thank Karlkim for their comments on the experience that my husband and myself had with Jeff our next door neighbour. This also brought me to my senses to be totally honest // as I have been lying.

This is not to you but to my husband who I love and adore// and I am so lucky that he is a forgiving and generous man.. It was your comments that made me realise that I had to come clean and tell him the truth.

For anybody reading this who has not read of our experience // which are entitled the bastard next door // and the bastard next door 2. I recommend that you read them first because this will give you the background to what happened from here on in.

I had told you all // and also my husband that I had fucked Jeff another three times over the last two months. This is where the deceit came in // and I now realise how wrong I was to deceive my husband in this way.

I suppose a lot of men would have disowned their wife for doing what I did // but this has taught me a lesson. Never again will I lie to my husband // he was angry with me // not for what I did // but for not telling him.

The truth is that I am so infatuated with Jeff and his sexual experience // I crave everything that he can teach me. Before the experience with Jeff /// Jim,, my husband and my self had what we thought to like everybody else’s sex life.

We had straight sex // we gave each other oral and Jim had put a finger up my bottom// it just goes to show how naive we both were. But since letting Jeff fuck me I am now a totally different person sexually.

You see I am at home all day while my husband is out at work // and Jeff’s wife // Babb’s works Mon.. Wed,, and Friday in a charity shop from 10 till 4. So the truth of the matter is that Jeff has been fucking three days a week for two months. I knew it was wrong keeping it a secret// and I am relieved to have told the truth to Jim.

As soon has Jeff’s wife goes out to work he comes round to me// he tells me that his wife is no longer interested in their sexual side of their marriage. Jeff insists that he fucks me in our bed// which he admits he gets a kick from // knowing my husband sleeps right were he has fucked me.

Jeff comes round and we go to bed and watch amateur porn movies ///which up to now Jim and I have never watched. I have to say that watching theses heightens my sexuall apatite// Jeff knows this and takes full advantage.

While laying in bed watching a movie snuggled up in Jeff’s arms he announced I have bought you a present. He leaned over and of his jeans pocket produced a vibrator // it was about 5 inches in length // pink in colour and soft and bendy. It was in the shape of a mans cock /// and this is my first experience of something of this nature.

We watched the movie of a wife getting fucked by her husbands best mate // there I saw a reflection of myself. Jeff rolled me on to my back and switched on the vibe, running up and down my groin at either side of my pussy.

The next minute it was teasing my clit // and the inevitable happened and I climaxed releasing my juices which Jeff urgently started drink. After we lay in each others arms kissing and cuddling while watching more porn.

Jeff had started rubbing my wet pussy // and the film had got me all juiced up again with lovely glowing feeling. But I was not prepared for what happened next. Jeff reached over to his jeans pocket and pulled out a tube of lube.

I immediately thought that Jeff was going bugger me // I did not know if I was ready for this // or even if I could take it. Gently he rubbed lube the hole of my bottom slowly sliding a finger then two fingers.

I became comfortable with this as he stretched my bum hole// Then he switched the vibe on again // and entered the tip just inside my bottom. The feeling of the vibration and the low buzzing noise had my pussy wet through.

Then he reminded me that he said he would fuck my arse // then without warning he pushed most of the vibe up me. I was now feeling so horny and enjoying having my bottom fucked.

Then with one push he inserted the whole vibe up my bottom and I felt my anus close as it was buried inside me. The vibration inside my bottom was driving me wild// my god I had never felt such intense pleasure.

Then Jeff climbed on top of and pushed is cock all the in to my saturated pussy// I was so turned on I was finding it hard to breath. I could feel the vibe inside my bottom and Jeff’s cock was rubbing against it through the membrane that separates vagina from anus.

I felt the most powerful climax of my life ripping through my body // and I was close to passing out. Just then I saw Jeff clench his teeth as he trust into me releasing his sperm deep inside of me.

I lay the on my bed // my body was shaking as I slowly came down from the most powerful orgasm of my life. It was then that I was worried about how I would get the vibe out of my bottom. Jeff said just relax // then he inserted two fingers up my bottom and told me to push // then out popped the vibe.

That more than enough for one day so I sent Jeff home while I got some sleep before my husband came home. I myself am new to anal /// but I would recommend any girl that is interested in anal to try this // it really will blow your mind.

The next time Jeff called was another eye opener for me // he brought me a present rapped and boxed. He would not let me open it until we were in bed watching porn films // but when he said I could open it was just like the excitement of Christmas. I ripped open the paper and in the box was beautiful Basque with matching knickers and hold ups.

I jumped out of bed and put them on for him // he told me I looked gorgeous and he was going to eat me. I jumped back into bed and kissed him passionately as I felts his hands caressing my bum.

His fingers traced my bottom travelling on to my pussy which was already wet as he slipped two fingers inside me. I was hot,, horny and ready for him to take me // then he pulled away and reached over to the box.

Sandra you have not unwrapped all your present // then produced a large pink strap on // ho my god is he going to fuck me with this. But I could not have been more wrong when he told me to put it on which I did.

He covered it in lube and said right fuck me up the arse // it took a second or two but once his bum opened it slid in with ease. He was shouting ram me // fuck it up me// he then started to wank himself off.

I was already on a high,,, but as wanked harder his sperm shot from his cock // and I came at the same time. We watched some more films then decide to have a shower together // Jeff lathered me up he gripped round the waist.

Then I felt a jet on my pussy // Jeff was actually peeing on my pussy // but instead of feeling repulsed I found that it turned me on. With shower still running Jeff said I want you to do the same to me.

So he lay down and instructed me to straddle him ,,, and let some pee go over his cock.

Then he told me to stop and sit on his face and pee again // as I did this he opened his mouth and swallowed it. We then got dried and went back to bed were we fucked twice more before it was time for him to go.

As have already said I have now told my husband the truth/// but since I told him he seams to want me to dominate him. He said it does not matter that he is not there to watch // but he wanted to fuck me after Jeff has gone home.

This we have done and he asks me to call him names while he fucks me // this seams to make him harder and cum heavier. I do this for him as he is such a very understanding husband who I love dearly // and I know we will be together for ever. I know that it seams surreal but I will never let Jeff become between myself and Jim.

But Jeff seams to have complete control over me when I know that he is going to fuck me. It is hard to explain,,, but it seams my mind is taken over by the thoughts that I would do absolutely anything to please him.

Don’t get me wrong this is not love that I feel for Jeff // I suppose its basically lust which creates the power he has over me. I would never have dreamt in a million years that I could perform sex acts with anyone other than my husband.

But I intend to please my husband by doing what Jeff and I have done /// even if it includes me calling him a useless bastard // which he loves me to do. And he enjoys me telling him that his cock is to small // but in reality it is fine. I am certain Jim and I will have a long and happy marriage // I how much longer I will fuck Jeff I would like to end it. The trouble is once Jeff takes me in his arms,, I just melt and let him take me // but I am thankful for what he has taught me as I can do these things with my husband.