Written by Jon954

29 Jun 2007

I have been working for this woman, Anne, for the last five weeks installing a kitchen and bathroom. She is 38years old, 5ft 6ins tall very slim but with huge 34 FF breasts.

As she works I have a key so am very much left to get on with it, but she does get back home about 5.00pm each evening, except Fridays when she doesn’t work.

On a normal day I would update her with what I have done and how the work is going. Any way last Thursday lunch time she phoned me to say that she would not see me that evening as she had a meeting. I said that’s ok and that I would be late in the morning, as I had to collect some materials, and that she could have a lay in.

Any way I finished early and collected what I needed that evening, so I arrived at Anne’s house at my normal time of 8.00am. I knocked the door to let her know that I was there and let myself in. She hadn’t heard me as the radio was on in the kitchen. I called out as I walked through. As I got to the kitchen door I saw her standing at the sink just wearing a G string. She heard me calling and turned giving me a beautiful view of her bouncing breasts, she blushed bright red and tried to cover herself. Swearing, she said that she thought I was going to be late. I apologised and explained the change of plans.

She started to relax now, and let her hands drop from her breasts and just stood there in this transparent Wicked Weasel G string. (I could see that she was completely shaven). She said O well you’ve seen me now, and continued chatting for a few minutes, with no attempt to cover herself any more. After a while of enjoying the view I said that I had better get on, and went off to the bathroom to continue the work.

A short while later Anne called out “Coffee up” as she came up the stairs and into the bathroom. I straightened up from under the sink and turned my head to the door, to see her still naked and her pussy 4” from my face. I couldn’t resist the temptation, and lent forward and kissed her Mount of Venus, slipping a hand around to her bottom to pull her to me and another hand up between her legs to stroke her clit. As I released her and lent back still kneeling, she said “Don’t stop!” So I again lent forward to kiss her again and slid my finger up into her wet pussy. She gasped and nearly collapsed onto her knees.

Needless to say I didn’t do any more work that day, spending it fucking with the most wonderful sexy woman I have ever seen. We fucked all over the house, including the kitchen table. We only stopped to go out to the pub for a bite to eat at lunch time, and then she only wore a very short mini dress without any knickers and only a half cup bra. Did we fuck when we got back. She is amasing!!!