Written by Jon954

16 Oct 2007

If you look back to my account of how Anne and I first got together (The Bathroom 29th June 2007) you will know that she is not shy about showing herself off, in fact she is quite daring.

I ought to re-name this account of our affair “The Dare”

Anne and a colleague, Liz, from her office had to attend a conference in Huddersfield last week, so I gave them a lift to the airport on the Monday morning, the conference opened on Tuesday and finished Thursday afternoon, with a presentation and dinner and dance in the evening.

As I left them at the airport I gave Anne a small packet with instructions that she was not to open it until Friday morning. I also said that I would give her a wakeup call each morning.

I did ring her each morning, usually just after she’d had a shower. She would tell me what she planned to wear each day, sometimes trousers that looked like they had been painted on, and no thong of course. Other days a micro mini skirt with a Wicked Weasel thong. During these phone calls we would exchange quite a bit of dirty talk which always had her masturbating with her dildo while she held the phone by her cunt so I could hear her juices.

I rang as usual Friday morning and a half familiar voice answered. I asked “Anne?” The voice said “I’ll wake her”. I wondered what the hell was going on.

When Anne came on the phone she said that Liz had spent the night with her. I knew that Anne was slightly bi-sexual and she had told me that she thought Liz was a lesbian. She said that she would tell me all about it later.

I told he that she could open the packet I had given her at the airport on Monday. The phone went quiet for a few moments, then I could hear giggling and the comment “No way”. I had given her a pearl thong and instructions that all she could wear on the way home was the thong and her rain coat, nothing else.

After some persuasion from me and Liz she agreed. I’ll get her to tell you the story of her journey home herself.

I had arranged to meet Anne and Liz at the airport, but got held up on a job, so txt Anne to tell her to get a taxi home and I would get there asap.

When I arrived at her front door, it opened before I could let myself in. Anne was standing there, bold as brass, just wearing the pearl thong, thigh high leather boots with 6” heels and a very flushed face.

The upper part of her thighs were shining with her juices, as was her completely shaved pussy, displaying her clit which was protruding an inch.

She grabbed me and pulled me through the door way, and before it had even shut she leapt on me, her leg hooked around my waist, opening her cunt to my fingers. Four of them disappeared up into it and I started to massage her G spot. This made her cum very noisily.

As she was still twitching in her orgasm I stripped off and carried her to the lounge and laid her on the coffee table. The coldness brought her back down to earth. Smiling she turned over, stuck her bum in the air and said to fuck her up the arse. This was a great treat as we had not done this yet, just fingered it a few times. I gladly accepted the invitation and pushed my cock slowly against her anus. She said “Don’t frig about, stuff it in!” and pushed back onto me. I responded by pushing harder and suddenly my cock popped in. It was fantastic, I nearly came then! Anne reached under the coffee table and found her vibrator she’d placed there earlier, and pushed it into he wide open cunt. I found her clit and rubbed it. In seconds we both came in a very loud orgasm together.

I’ll get her to write her account of her evening of lust with Liz and her journey home, so watch this space!