Written by Trainer

26 Dec 2017

When we got into the restaurant I was told that they had a private room at the back and Sarah led us through, as you would expect with a Saturday night close to Christmas the place was packed. Just inside the room stood a very matriarchal woman, Toni whispered she was Diane the salon owner and that all the girls watched out as she was known to prey on the new girls. I looked at Diane as we waited to introduce ourselves to her, she was a fine woman around 50 years old, 5’8” in her heels she is a big woman, size 16ish, short black bob hair in tight style. She had a much younger woman, stood and partially hidden behind her, who Toni said was her latest gf.

We girls joined a line of the beauticians who were waiting to be greeted by Diane. I watched as she kissed each girl on either cheek and had visions of the queen following a command performance. Toni introduced me and I was treated no differently Diane kissed me telling me I was welcome and she looked forward to chatting to me later on, winking as she did.

We were at one end of a table of eight, some of the other women on the table were from other salons but we all had a great natter. The food was passable and we all had loads to drink. Olive spent most of the meal with her hand on my man bit. I was a little shocked at first but soon got used to her playing, until I needed the toilet. Olive and I went off, first problem, was that stood between us and the toilets were a group of guys, various ages. Could’ve been a football team, but they’d had plenty of drink and were charging a toll to women to get to the toilets, a guy in his late 20s stepped in front of Olive and told her the toll, she laughed but soon locked lips with him, they were cheered on by his friends and she was soon released through, as we were holding hands, I thought I’d get through off her kiss, but this younger guy stepped in front of me and told me the toll. I looked at him, he was very sweet, but I was so much older than him I told him in a voice which would be heard by only some of his group, that he should send his father over to receive the toll. Those around cheered and laughed at him, bless, but an older guy stepped in front of me, greeting me as a yummy mummy we kissed. It was quite nice again his friends cheered to toll, but by the time I’d got through Olive had already been in and I was greeted by Diane telling her to go get some more drinks, Olive winked at me as she passed me. I was now left with Diane, she took my arm and walked me into the ladies a cubicle opened and she herded me in. I really needed a pee, so I lifted my dress and pulled my panties down as I sat, she pulled at my dress but I kept my modesty, she bent down to kiss me and as we did she encouraged my hand under her dress, I knew what to do from there, by the time I’d finished peeing I had her dress up around her waist and had pulled her knicks to one side, I dropped of the toilet and pushed my face into her sex, it was what she wanted, but even if it wasn’t she wasn’t complaining, especially when she hummed out an orgasm and a little squirt to boot. We were stopped by a rap on the door and a woman’s voice telling us there were others waiting. We left straight away laughing as we went. As we exited the toilet area and were just about to run through the male group, she whispered in my ear, that I was top of her list for her after meal party.

She returned to the tables but I was stopped by my new male friend, I just looked at him and we kissed again, he could obviously taste her on me and he was eager to get more and was happy to kiss and taste around my face. It was very pleasant and I was happy to be pulled towards the door. I soon found myself in the restaurant car park behind some cars with him he was trying to get his hands under or inside dress. I was game for something but I thought it better that I take some control, so I told him it was a bad time for me, as I started to undo his jeans and pull them down, he had a good size for me to work with and it hardened as I pulled it. I dropped down and took him in my mouth. It tasted nice unfortunately for him and lucky for me he didn’t last long and I sucked it all down. I stood back up and we had one last kiss before I left him to return to the girls.

When I got back Olive told me she’d been worried about me, but a quick kiss from me, explained to her what I’d been doing, she let out a happy scream and nodded to the others who fell in fits of giggles, which was added to when Sarah re-appeared with a love-bite on her neck.

Our jollyment hadn’t gone unnoticed and the Diane’s partner walked over to Olive and I and pushed a piece of paper into my hand, we opened it together and it simply said 244 afterwards in eye-liner pencil.

To find out what happened at Diane’s after party read the next and final part.