Written by wifeonenite

31 Jul 2008

Most weekends i go out to the local town with my friends, but on this Saturday evening, it was just myself and my friend Becky. I am married, 2 children, very happy, 28, with long real blonde hair, size 12 figure with 36d tits and i never mess about , normally!

We were in a bar having fun and getting drunk, when two men came over to us. Almost instantly we all knew we were going to have sex. Becky went off with one man, leaving me with Steve. To cut a long story short, he took me outside, into the beer garden. Being late October it was deserted, much to my pleasure.

Steve took me behind some large skips, so we could not be seen from the bar, then we started to kiss. He started to rub my tits over my bra and top, but due to the cold air, my nipples were sticking out, rock hard.

I moved my hand down, as we kissed, and rubbed his cock over his jeans, even though they were covered, i could feel he had big balls, and a cock much bigger than my husbands, at home. I started to undo his jeans, and dropped them to the floor, then pulled his boxers down also, and his dick shot up, bigger and fatter than any i had had before.

Steve undid my top, then started to suck my tits above my bra. He then pulled my bra down, releasing my tits and nipples, as he did he groaned with pleasure, but so did i. He then sucked hard on my nipples, as he did i stroked my hand up and down the full length of his cock.

He moved his hand down as he sucked and moved it under my mini skirt, up until he touched my lacy pants, then rubbed a finger over my slit and clitty, making me scream out as i instantly cum. He then pulled at my pants, until they fell to the floor and i kicked them off, revealing my bare pussy which he set to work on, rubbing and poking.

The next thing i knew, he spun me around, until he had me bent over the skip. He whipped up my skirt exposing my bare arse, then with his foot, parted my legs. The next thing, i had the tip of his cock pushed against my pussy lips, gagging for his great big cock. With one big push, his cock thrust into me so deeply, that i cried out in pain. He jerked back and forth faster and faster, soon turning the pain into immense pleasure, until he thrust deeper, and with the groan he let out, he spunked deep into my hole.

Steve pulled out, then he knelt down and licked my pussy, clitty and bum hole dry, making me come all over his tongue. He stood up, so i dropped to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth, licking and sucking him clean of both our juices.

I stood up and we kissed again, thinking that it was over. Steve then pushed me back so that i was resting, with my back against the skip. He pushed up against me, i could feel that he was rock hard again. He pushed himself into my pussy, and as he fucked me deep, he kissed me and licked and sucked my tits and nipples.

After about ten minutes, of me cuming on this huge cock, i could tell that he was getting very close to coming. He begged me to let him spunk all over my big tits, so i dropped to my knees, he come loads all over my tits and nipples, i could not resist, then took himinto my mouth and sucked him dry.

We kissed, then got dressed. He left me to look for my friend Becky, which i eventualy did. As we got a taxi home, Becki told me how she had watched us for a while, as her man didn\'t last very long at all, she said how much it had turned her on, so much so that she poked herself whilst watching me, then got my hand and put it up her skirt, where i found a naked pussy, very wet, which very much turned me on, to which she did the same back to me, but that is for another time.

I got home. My husband was in bed asleep, i tried to play with his cock, but he was too much asleep. So i lay awake, playing with myself, remembering what i had just done, then about feeling Beckies pussy, then Becki feeling mine. What a night!!!