Written by Paul

6 Aug 2007

Cuckolding for me started unintentionally when I met a guy at a squash club. While standing next to him in the showers after a game I could not help but notice the size of his cock. It was quite a bit longer than mine, and I am average, and it was also a lot thicker.

One night while I was fucking my wife I casually mentioned what I had noticed about Alan’s manhood and it drove her wild culminating in one of her best orgasms. She encouraged me to look at him when we next played squash and quizzed me later while we fucked, again a superb fuck session. From then on our love making always included a detailed description of Alan’s genitals and progressed to her wanting to know what the rest of his body looked like, was he hunky etc, what did I think he would fuck like etc, she was really hooked on him. By now she had seen him momentarily a few times as we shared the driving, me picking him up and visa-versa so I also knew she fancied him. But I also knew getting Alan into a mmf thing was not going to happen so I said we should look on line and see if we could find some other hunky guy so we could realise our joint craving for her to get fucked by a big thick cock for real. Unfortunately she was not up for that all, saying she couldn’t just have sex with a stranger, regardless how hunky he was even if he had a 12” monster.

The weeks passed and we continued to fuck with my blow by blow descriptions of Alan’s physique and how good his cock looked with shower water running down its length and streaming of its massive round head etc. But one day Alan noticed I was staring at his cock. I was embarrassed to say the least and I could see he was uncomfortable. I apologised and immediately responded saying I was gay and not looking at him. Part of which was obviously not true. So I told him the truth, and confessed that I had mentioned to my wife some weeks ago that I had noticed he had a massive cock and that it had got her unbelievably aroused that now we always fuck after our squash games and that I she cant wait for me to tell her all about him in the shower. He looked unsure and I do not think he believed me.

We still went for a drink in the bar and I gave him more details and by the time we were leaving he understood.

That night I told Karen I got caught looking at him and that he thought I was gay. She split her sides laughing. I continued that I ended up telling him that she was the real reason I was looking at him, which stopped her laughter. I remember her saying, “how the hell can I ever look at him again, don’t you ever let him come here again, I am so embarrassed, why did you tell him that?”

The next time I showered with Alan I made a point not to look. But instead just as we were finishing he said, “here you go, you haven’t looked today, don’t want to disappoint your lovely lady” He was standing, legs spread a little, holding his balls in one hand and his cock in the other, he had also pulled his foreskin back so that his huge pink head was clear to see.

In the bar I told him what Karen had said about being embarrassed and that she didn’t know how she could ever face him again. He said that’s a shame because I was going to offer her the real thing next time I saw her. My jaw must have hit the floor. We started plan there and then how we could make it happen.

More to follow.