Written by tom

10 Mar 2012

Got called to a school to service & reseal the brickwork inside the boiler.l had met the caretaker & we went to the boiler house,l asked if there was some where l could change,as l have to get into the boiler to reseal it,he said yes we have a shower & changing room its through here,so l went with him & started changing into my boiler suit,l always strip as its quite a messy job,anyways he is standing & looking at me,wow he said you wear knickers l replied yes l like to wear them,so l removed them & put my boilersuit on then went to do the job.When l'd finished l went back to wash & change,to my suprise the caretaker was smelling my knickers,alright are they l said he said sorry & put them down,do you like them, he said he did & said he might buy some & wear them down here as nobody only me comes here.Wow you are messy why not take a shower & l'll get you a towel, thanks & with that he left l striped & sterted to shower l'd finished & he came back with the towel.So l got out of the shower & started to dry myself,l thought he might leave but he stood there looking at me,let me wipe your back for you he said,l said why not thanks,he was wiping me dry so gently it was so nice, that l started to get an erection,opps he said sorry l said no carry on it's nice,then he moved his hand around to my dick & started to stroke it with the towel,there he said nice & dry moved his hand & picked up the knickers & started rubbing the front of them against my cock,it was lovely with in a minute l short my load all over them,l'd not noticed but he had dropped his trousers & pants down & was playing with his cock.let me l said,with that got my sticky knickers & rubbed his cock in them he to shot his load all over them,l still had cum leaking from my cock so he bent down & sucked it nice & clean.thanks he said that was so nice,l also thanked him & gave him the knickers as a present,well l said untill the next time bye & left.