Written by Simon

24 Jul 2013

I had been friends with Colin and Fiona for five years, since Colin joined our firm and we worked closely together. Then, last year, Colin moved on to another firm, but we still kept in touch even though they moved away.

Last week, Colin phoned and asked if I had seen the new Bond film, which I hadn’t, and suggested we make a night of it since they had the film on Sky and they would provide dinner afterwards.

I agreed – Friday night – and I drove to theirs, a trip of about two hours.

When I arrived, Fiona greeted me at the door in a figure hugging summer dress, off the shoulder, and she looked lovely. Fiona is 37, size 12, nice boobs, with a sexy round bum. Her dark hair was short, much shorter than when I had last seen her, and she said it was too hot for long hair.

In I went, as Fiona apologised and said Colin had got a call from the office, there as some sort of problem and he had to go in. I expressed my disappointment, and wondered what to do now.

Fiona got me a glass of wine, and said “Dinner will be ready in an hour, so if Colin is not back, we start without him”.

We sat in the lounge, both sipping cool white wine, and chatted about this and that, catching up on what they had been doing, where they were going on holiday (Crete), and so on.

The wine glasses emptied quite quickly and Fiona poured us both another glass.

“If I am having any more, then I won’t be able to drive home.” I mentioned.

“Oh, don’t worry, Simon, you can sleep in the spare room, it’s all ready for you.” Fiona smiled and supped.

More chat, and the second glasses of wine were drunk.

Fiona’s mobile rang, she answered it and it became obvious that it was Colin, and that he was stuck in the office sorting out some disaster, and wouldn’t be home for hours.

While Fiona was chatting, I helped myself to another glass – it was very good stuff – and filled Fiona’s glass for her.

“Sorry, Simon, he’s not going to join us for dinner. Never mind.” And she gulped some wine. “Just off to see to dinner, won’t be long.” I watched her as she walked to the kitchen, admiring her long legs in that quite short dress.

“Anything I can do to help?” I offered. “How about opening another bottle for me?” Came her reply.

I went to the kitchen, and opened the huge fridge – looking for the wine. “Oh, it’s not in there, we have a wine fridge in the utility room just through there.” She was pointing to a door to her left.

I found the wine, and asked for an opener. Fiona brushed past me – her hands, on my bum, to open a drawer, and handed me the opener. I am not sure if it was me, or whether she had deliberately touched me to get to the drawer.

Soon, dinner was served, fish and salad, it was lovely – she always was a good cook.

Over dinner, Fiona told me about her job at a booksellers, and I tried to sound interested and engage in conversation, but was distracted by her sitting across the dinner table showing me lots of cleavage – her skin was pale, and smooth. My trouser friend, was awake, and I adjusted my position to be more comfortable.

Fiona may have noticed, as she then turned the conversation to my love life (or lack of it). “How come you haven’t got a girlfriend then?” She eyes smiled at me. “I can tell that your not gay, you’ve got a hard on, so I presume you are enjoying my cleavage.”

The glasses of wine were obviously having an affect on her, she was normally very conservative and strait laced.

I mumbled some excuses that I was happy on my own, and hadn’t felt the need to find a girlfriend.

We had dessert and had consumed most of the second bottle of wine by the end of the meal, although Fiona had drunk more than I had.

We adjourned to the lounge once more, this time Fiona sat next to me on the sofa.

No sooner had we sat down than Fiona’s hand moved to my knee, and glided up my trouser leg, to my crotch, where my erection was still full on. I don’t know why, but I just sat there, watching her hand, as she adroitly unzipped my flies, put her hand inside and found her way over the top of my boxers. Before I knew I, my cock was out, and she had her long fingers around it.

“Mmmmm. Such a shame this lovely weapon isn’t being used to pleasure a lady.” She whispered softly and I felt her tongue wriggle around my ear.

I am not huge in the cock department, but I suppose I am generously endowed – quite thick and a good eight inches. Fiona certainly seemed impressed, “My, that’s a gorgeous cock you have Simon; bigger than Colin’s.” With this, she bent her head down into my lap and licked my bell end – I couldn’t help but respond, pushing myself up to her face, placing my hand on the back of her head. She took a couple of inches into her mouth.

Guilt overcame me momentarily “Fiona, are you sure you want to do this? What about Colin?”

“Colin won’t be home for hours, and he has wanted me to do this, he keeps teasing me when we fuck, that he wants to see me fuck you.” She resumed her sucking, while I pushed my boxers and trousers to the floor.

My right hand – which was on the back of her head, moved down her back, found the zip, and gently pulled. The zip pulled down to her waist, and the top of her dress fell forward off her tits, which I somehow managed to grasp and slowly kneed in my hand.

“No bra then?” She managed to mutter back “No knickers either” with her mouth full of my stiff member.

Then, suddenly Fiona stood up, her dress falling to the floor, and I was looking at a gorgeous female form, only wearing hold up stockings and high heeled shoes. Her generous tits was full and round, but firm not saggy, and her nipples were large and very erect. My eyes were then drawn to her thighs, and I immediately saw that her pussy was completely smooth – not a hair in sight.

She took my hand, pulling me up from the sofa. “Let’s get more comfortable upstairs.” She led the way, and I gazed at her lovely bum as she climbed the stairs.

More tomorrow if you’re interested.