Written by Bcands

3 Oct 2007

A few years ago we were living in Suffolk on a new housing development. All the house building completed apart from two or three properties next to ours.

I worked locally, within five minutes drive and returned home for lunch most days.

Like all new houses we had minor problems with fittings and finishes etc.etc.

Anyway my wife, 26 at the time, very lovely, with a 38.26.34 figure was talking to the remaining builders getting these problems solved. She got on especially well with a small team of plasterers, three guys who were really helpful. She made them tea and sandwiches and they started to spend more and more time sniffing round my darling.

BC is quiet, almost shy, but underneath is a raging hot, lustful, dirty girl. The guys and her talked more and more and the talk got more and more intimate, sex, love making; what do you do with your husband ? How much,how many times ? She reacted by getting dirtier and dirtier, dressing more and more provocatively for their daily session. Flashing her tits and panties and generally working them up by sitting on their laps, letting them ease their fingers into her fat tight pussy and teasing them by grinding on to their erections. Once at this stage, action very soon followed. They all stripped off and proceeded to fuck her silly, sucking cocks, anal, dp all during their little tea break. She said they were all reasonably large but the youngest guy was huge. Now my wife had a thing for very large cocks before we were married and she said this was one of the biggest cocks she'd ever enjoyed. This used to happen virtually everyday, they even brought round some of the visiting contractors to watch the guy with the huge cock be satisfied.

The great thing was that I used to turn up every lunch hour and get the whole story from BC before giving her my very own seeing too. Nothing like slapping into a dripping pussy, while getting details of hot horny sex !!