Written by Debbie

26 Mar 2010

Reading these stories there have been a number about people working as home helps or carers being involved with the people they look after. I have a number of jobs, one of which is cleaning for a man in his early sixties (I am 43 and live with my partner and daughter). I go to him one morning a week. He works from home and I dust and Hoover and wash the floors etc. whilst he works in his study. He never queries what he pays me, but I never work the hours he pays for because he really keeps the place very clean and so I suppose I feel a bit guilty that I haven't been giving him value. I knew he fancied me but he is much too much of a gentleman to even drop a hint, and because I wanted to keep the job I didn't want to say anything that might upset him.

A month ago I had finished my weekly clean of the house and as it was the end of the month he was writing me a cheque. I have no idea why I said it, but I just blurted out "If you ever want me to do anything else you just have to ask you know".

He looked up, smiled and said "Like what?"

"Well anything really, I mean I won't be upset whatever you suggest" I replied. I could feel my face going bright red, but you know the old saying about when you are in a hole stop digging, well I didn't stop digging. "I mean you're single", I was by this time wishing the ground would open up and swallow me.

"Debbie" he said "just say it - I promise I will not be offended, but if I, as your employer, say almost anything at this point you could sue me".

I suddenly understood why he had been so reserved, whilst obviously interested. If he had said anything to me it could be construed as harassment. I took a deep breath "If you ever want to have sex with me just ask, if I am not in the mood I'll just say no".

"How do you feel at the moment?" he asked.

"Horny" I said.

He got up and led me upstairs to the bedroom, leant over and kissed me on the forehead and started to unbutton his shirt. I unzipped and stepped out of my trousers and quickly removed my blouse, bra and knickers. Within seconds we were both on the bed naked, kissing. He then started to move down my body, kissing my nipples and belly button before getting to my, by this time, aching and very wet vagina. Meanwhile I was also contorting myself to try to get my mouth down to his penis. After a minute or two we had straightened ourselves out and I was contentedly suckling on what was a reasonable sized cock and enjoying the feel of his tongue as it massaged my clitoris.

I know in these stories the men always boast about the enormous orgasms they trigger in the women they are fucking, but in real life it isn't like that all the time. I do orgasm with oral sex, but it takes time and rarely happens the first time I have sex with someone. I am not particularly promiscuous, but if I fancy someone, or feel the need to have sex with someone, I do it and enjoy it. I really like feeling the weight of a man on top of me, feeling his cock inside me and, really importantly, feeling him squirt is spunk into me preferably whilst his tongue is so far down my throat that it feels as if he is trying to lick the top of his own prick. That is what happened this time. I didn't orgasm, despite some really enjoyable licking; I was probably still recovering from the embarrassment I had suffered when I broached the subject. After a few minutes of 69 I told him to fuck me, that I wanted to feel him in my cunt - and so we rearranged ourselves missionary style and whilst he held my head in his hands and started to kiss me again I took his cock in my hand and guided it towards my pussy lips. I was so wet he slipped in easily, and after a few gentle strokes he was all the way in and for the next few minutes whilst we kissed he fucked me with a nice slow rhythm before speeding up until his whole body spasmed and he shot his spunk deep inside me before collapsing on top of me, quite spent. I stroked his hair, and gave him little kisses and he went limp and fell out of me. I cleaned up a bit with some tissues he keeps by the bed and then we got dressed and I left.

The next week nothing was said until after I had finished cleaning when he asked me if I had time to stay a little longer. I said "if you want to fuck me, yes I have time". We went upstairs and I was much more relaxed and although the scenario was the same I had a small but really intense orgasm when he licked me and I enjoyed him fucking me even more than the first time. Since then he has fucked me both times I have cleaned for him and I guess we will continue to fuck. It might not be a great passion but it is an enjoyable way to spend half an hour after I finish the cleaning, and I think it has rather rejuvenated him!