Written by sgl5glr

15 Apr 2013

This is a true story, happened last week.

I went around to my elderly parents last week to visit as I do daily to tend to their needs as they don't get out much these days. As I parked outside, the neighbour, who runs a Home Cleaning Business ran towards me and said "can yoy give me a jump", now bearing in mind she is close to my age,flirted with me at times and chatted while hanging out her smalls, I was shocked.

Then I was deflated that it was her Van that needed a jump start.... as we have had many weeks of cold mornings.

Needless to say, good deed done and off she went. 2 days later when I visited the Olds, she came out again and said come her I have something for you...come in she said...I didn't need a second telling as I thought I could chat her up a bit (naughty naughty).

She said, coffee and put the kettle on to boil...then said I thought I would thank you properly for helping me with the Van the other day. I said it's no bother, being the gent,but I did add that her "give me a jump" sounded a bit "wrong" and laughed it off. Coffee was made and she said sit there and we chatted a minute or two before she nipped to the loo. When she came back she had rid herself of her pullover and tights and was in a strappy top and skirt bare legged and said....fancy that jump now... Needless to say I didn't refuse. She paraded around for a minute or two, bending over showing her white cotton thong (ones I saw her hanging out on the washing line many times). She said you like?.... you have seen me hanging them out often enough now you can see them on. I got up and walked over and kissed her,holding her tight to get a better chance of a decent feel.

I released her bra and her tiny tits felt firm with nipples like buttons. We fooled about for a while and I managed to ease her thong down to her knees and fingered her trimmed fanny.

She broke away slipped the thong off and got on her knees and sucked my cock, she was well experienced at it that she soon had a milking action going and I had to stop her before I cum. Off we went to the bedroom and we licked and sucked and I got to fuck her hard....in the end she was screaming " cum in me, cum in me"..needless to say I said what about Y (her partner...they are not married) she said "and that's a problem because"...cum in me.... So I shot my load up her....

We hugged and tidied up and as I left she said "I may need a hand with the van again"....Mum said...saw your car outside, where have you been...I said to the paper shop...later Mum said " there was a lot of screaming next door earlier, I think they were having a row" I said oh right...knowing well that it was the neighbour getting a good seeing to