Written by James

14 Dec 2013

As I explained Donna my wife couldn't live with herself being deceitful it not her style

This is the first time I have ever known here to try to do that and in the end it was to much and she had to come out and tell me, there was every chance she could of got away with it and I would of been noun the wiser

The big question now was what to do and where it may lead what could be the consequence

I had to sort my head out first it been quite a shock, what where the options, one dievors I didn't want that nor did Donna I am sure, do I make her stop seeing him could I make her. would it go under ground and still happen,if it carried on it may only be a short thing and fizzle out, it really the unworn

I was also asking myself why, was it my fault in some way or was it Donna had reached a stage in her life wear it was try it before it was to late or some thing, we have talk more about that I needed to find out

A little later we where having a discussion one she instigated, it came about because Gordon wanted to see her, he had no idea she told me, she was asking what she should do

It meant decision time was forced on me, we talk for hours most about how we felt each other or marriage lots of thing my wife I think now was clever it ended up I would make that decision I had little choice really but to agree and give my consent which I could see pleased her

I I told her I was worried some one would find out, and if they did what would we say or do, her words where we keep it between us the three of us,we didn't know the true meaning of them words till much later, so it was going to be a marital triangle I guess you could call it

Donna had said Gordon wanted another date with her and it seemed she waited for me to tell her what I jest did, I often wonder what would of happened if I had said no

So that date was arranged the reality of that was a lot harder than I expected I had know she she been out with him before but I thought that was social or business but this time I knew she sleep with him have sex with him, this is war I started to wonder what he was like I never meet him or knew much about him at all

The evening arrived, Donna came home in a good moo, I will admit she was very nice to me

She got ready I was watching telly the tension was building in me, when she came down she really surprised me I expected her to be dress as she normally was, but Christ the skirt was the shortest I seen her wear in years she had a jacket on with a white blouse

She asked if I was alright and how was I feeling I had to say okay but it wasn't the not the truth, she said she had better be going she bent down to kiss me it was obvious she was bralss when she did that, that didn't make feel any better

That first time was very hard for me very hard, not knowing where she was or what she was doing but knowing what my wife would be doing later another mans cock would be inside her

It be in my privet intimate place that had been mind only mine now it was being shard

I wondered what he was like was he bigger than me better than me, it was doing my head in, I then hear my phone going I was in a rush to find it, it was Donna I look at the time she been gone two hours, I asked if she was alright, yes darling she said they jest had a meal

What she was calling about was to say she be late and not to wait up for her, I asked where they where going she told me Gordon had a hotel room and they would go back there I said your not staying the night are you, she paused before saying well I thought I would do you mind, I did I asked if he knew that I knew about him, Donna was keeping very calm as I was losing my cool which made it worse, she told me to calm down, and said yes I have told him and Gordon is quite happy with the situation as I thought you where there was a click and the conversation ended her phone went dead

I was beside myself getting very anxieties, it felt like I had no control, I had a couple of very large jack D which calmed my down, I went to bed but couldn't sleep I got and came down in my dressing gown, I must of fell asleep sitting on the sofa, I don't know if I dreamed but it seemed like a dream it was like some one was sitting beside me and they where rubbing my penis, I did wake up and Donna was sitting beside me she was smiling and she was rubbing my dick I had a boner on, I was startled she said I came in and you had an erection sticking out your dressing gown, she whispered I see your wife getting fucked arouses you I was very near cunning she lent in and kissed me I could taste cum in her mouth, she put her arm round me she was close I could smell the armour of sex on her, as she wanked me we both look at her hand doing it she whispered let me look after my baby his so horny knowing his wife getting fuck it happened I cum I shot my load and what a load it went up in a ark Donna said oh you needed that darling you where randy very randy I was amazed at myself and how good it felt nothing like when she ever done it to me before, it was almost five in the morning

We both need to go to bed, I didn't think Gordon had let her have much sleep, in bed Donna seemed to be on a high I though it was because she had been with Gordon but what did it was coming home and finding me a sleep with an erection, she messed out the bit about me being upset on the phone, Donna said I so happy this is working for you and it arouses you when I am with Gordon, I started to think you had changed your mind and didn't like me having a bit of fun, after all we talked about and you said you like me to see him, that was never my words she had twisted them to suit her, she carried on saying about how much she loved me what a lovely husband I am

As she was saying that she started to touch my dick, it amazed me I responded by stiffing when that happened she took my hand and put it on her tummy then pushed it down to the waste of her panties, I slipped my finger under them to find a woad of tissues that seemed very moist as my finger found her pussy she whispered take my knickers off and fuck me,my fingers when now jest inside her pussy lips it was a mess of sticky slime her verging felt hot and puffy my finger slipped into an open space which was the entrances which was full of the slime I had a raging hard on, she was by then pushing her knickers over her hips the kicking them off her feet, she pulled me over her got hold of me dick and almost pulled me into her pussy, my dick jest skipped inside she was very loose my dick was in a gooey thick sticky thick fluid I found it to be a very arousing sensation feeling, in a whisper she was hols me round the shoulders and whispered, fuck me put yours with Gordon's darling

As I moved the slime spread from the base of my dick into my pubes in no time both of us where covered in it, I don't know how long I lasted I don't think that long I started to cum she felt my body jerk and cried out YES YES DARLING INSIDE ME she gasped a couple of times but I don't think she climaxed it was fact I had cum and it mixed with his did it

It was all over us and the bed Donna didn't seem to care she hugged me saying I love you

When we parted she asked did I like it was it nice with another other man sperm inside her the truth I did enjoy it in a funny way I said yes I did, I asked did he cum that much in one go with a smile she said he left three lots in me, I had to think they could of only been in bed five or so hours and he had her three times what hell is he like also to make her as loose as that how big is he, I fell a sleep thinking of that

It was Saturday we woke about noon, we both need a shower Donna went to take one I went and made coffee as I came back she was coming out the bathroom and asked where my razor was I said why she said Gordon asked me to shave my pussy and I know you wanted me to do that a long time, as I was telling her I was looking at her she was naked very low on her neck was a love bite and what looked like one on her left breast, she knew what I was looking at and said he gets very passionate look at this one putting one leg on the bed and on the inside of her thigh was a even bigger one she turned as said mu bum not as red now, I could see both cheeks looked a bit pink in two places, I said what did he do she laughed and said he slapped my ares when he had me doggy styli but it was the way she was saying it to me as if it was normal to tell her husband that sort of thing

She went off to save her pubes, thee was a lout ouch, I went to see she tried to save but to much hair,I said use the trimmer first, she said can I do it so there I was shaving my wife for another man, she was pleased with what I did in doing so I slipped a finger inside her she said naughty she was still a little loose not like the night before

She changed the bed and I showered , in the afternoon our land line phone rang I picked it up there was a man on the other end he asked for Donna I gave it to her she said yes, then HI then I am fine, yes so is James, he was talking, then how did you know he would be he was very , yes , yes we did , he liked it , how do you know all this then , She then started laughing, you sod she said do you think so no I have to see yes his here now yes his listing, no later maybe okay will call you later and tell you bye

I asked who was that, Donna smiled said it was Gordon he asked how you where, and he like to meet you, he like to take us out for dinner, would you like to go and meet him

Before I replied, she said I think you should it be nice if you meet, I think you would like him you would get on with him I know he would like to meet you, he has asked a lot about you

shale I call him back and tell him you would, she was urging me to say yes, I did

She called him they chatted, then she said I will ask she looked at me and said tonight at seven I nodded she went back to him saying that be fine we see you there and then said with chuckle we have to see it depend on James okay then see you later