Written by CumCurious

4 Jul 2014

.... we managed to get Michelle dressed using her knicker to mop up the cum spilling from her cunt and we arrived home in about fifteen minutes or so. We got to the front door and Michelle wanted abusing in front of our house as she said she was feeling horny. By this time she was smelling a little bit ripe after her being pissed on by all of us and her cunt being filled with spunk however Tim being resourceful suggested we take her round the back of the house and abuse her properly!

We opened the side gate and made towards the decking where the outside furniture was. I opened the back door and went inside to get some drinks.

When I emerged with some beers and a vodka for Michelle she was sat in a chair with her top off with Tim pushing his prick into her mouth and Steve and Dave pulling off her skirt and pushing their fingers up her cunt hard. Chelle was loving this and in between Tim pushing his rock hard prick down her throat was groaning and moaning for them to abuse her cunt.

I put the drinks on the table and suggested we all partake then perhaps we should relive ourselves onto Michelle.

She suggested we all drink up so she could taste our piss as she wanted to be really abused and asked if we would piss into her mouth all at the same time.

What more influence do you need to down a drink and we all downed them quickly as Michelle dropped her large vodka. We all got out our pricks and Michelle knelt down on the decking and opened her mouth as we congregated round her and the first stream of piss erupted towards her mouth. We all began to piss and the streams were flooding into her mouth, down her tits and running down her shaven pussy. The piss was pouring into her and I saw her swallow some of it!

I know this had been a fantasy of hers to have guys piss int her mouth and for her to drink some. We continued to piss into her mouth as she drank and let it pour down her big tits. I moved my stream towards her cunt and began to piss onto her pussy lips as well. All too soon the piss began to dribble to a trickle and we all pushed our cocks towards Michelles mouth for her to lick them clean. I looked at Daves cock and it had some creamy film behind his helmet from the cum he had shot into Michelle earlier and I saw her open her mouth and lick and suck his dirty prick clean. She was truly being a dirty slut, which is what she loved when she is pissed!

we finished having our pricks sucked clean and I suggested we should get Michelle inside and cleaned up so we could abuse he some more.

Michelle was all up for thi saying she needed to cum nd wanted to be used by all of us.

As we went into the house by the back door I went passed the fridge and came u with an idea!

As I watched the guys follow Michelle thru the kitchen I opened the fridge and took out a large cucumber we had bought and followed all of them upstairs.

Michelle said she needed a bath and we should all follow he to the bathroom where she would put on a little show for us all.

She ook off her clothes and got in the bath and turned on the shower and began to wash herself. She washed her hair and soaped her body and began to soap her pussy and her arse and asked th guys to help. Steve wasted no time ad began to wash her cunt hard with his hand pushing four fingers up her wet cunt and Tim did the same with her arse. The unfortunate thing was that the water from the shower began to run al over the floor from people getting in the way and the carpet began to get wet and I had to call halt before we had a flood!

We wacthed instead as Michelle played with her soapy tits and and pussy lips as she washed herself. When she had finished she stepped out and eight hands helped her get dried!

once dried we moved her to the bed and I opened our "special drawer" and got out our handcuffs and placed them on Michelles wrists and handcuffed her hands to our bed,

She was now in our mercy and we were going to abuse the fuck out of her literally!