Written by Chameleon

18 Sep 2017

Something new for us cruising, on a ship that is. A week around the Fjords in Norway. Posh frocks for Clare and suits for me.

Quite exciting ; Clare in particular likes to get dressed up and always appreciates the looks she gets from guys.

Anyway dinner on the first night loomed: Clare taking her time , green dress tonight just above the knee,black bra, suspender belt and sheer panties, finished off with nude stockings with a black seam, black heels completed the look.

Now we were on a lower deck, which required several flights of stairs to be climbed , the open stairwell was glass sided, and you could see all the way up and down the ship.

As I discovered it also meant that you could get a superb view up Clares dress if you were standing close to the stairwell. By the time we had climbed six flights, one guy in particular had also noticed this, it didnt seem to matter to him, that his wife knew what he was looking at.

We went into dinner. I noticed that the observant chap was at a table not too far way, and that his interest in Clare hadnt abated.

Now I suppose I was pushing it, but Clare can be amenable to reasonably outrageous suggestions especially when we are unlikely to see people again.

I told her what I had seen and that maybe she would consider encouraging our friend and see what might happen !

She didnt seem particularly enthusiastic, so I didnt push it.

However after a loo visit, I walked around our table to sit and noticed that Clares dress was way up her crossed legs, she was sitting sideways on to our friend and his wife , treating them both to a super display of stocking top and taught suspender strap.

The real surprise to me, was that the guys wife was doing the same to us, her cocktail dress mid thigh, and black stocking tops on view. This was amazing and I thought highly erotic.

Anyway dinner over, we went to the late performance in the showbar , a massive two deck affair, with cubicle seating at the rear which was quite secluded, and quite dark when the show was on.

We had been there around 15 minutes when , guess what the other couple walked up to us and asked if they could join us, the seating was horseshoe shaped, so he ended up sitting next to Clare and his wife next to me.

Richard and Louise it seems were regular cruisers, and within minutes were telling us that although married for years they had an open marriage and liked to experiment.

Richard said he had liked what he saw of Clare, and as for Louise well she already had her hand on my thigh and was sitting very close, she smelled wonderful, a very fitted low cut black cocktail dress, black sheer stockings and killer heels.In fact as she sat her dress was already showing the welt of her stockings.

I admit we were out of our depth, but it was down to us that we were in this position.

We could and maybe should have made our excuses and left, but we didnt.

This was clearly taken as a green light by both of them. Louise turned my head and planted a kiss on me, her tongue seemingly filling my mouth, her hands expertly, unfastening my suit trousers, zip down, hand inside boxers, I was both errect and paralysed, afraid to attract any attention.

Richard was even more into Clare, her dress was around her waist, and he had managed to get her very tight panties down to her knees, she seemed to trying to stop his probing fingers, but like me embarrassed and not wanting to attract a waitress etc. Her efforts were in vain , richard deftly pulling her panties down and over her shoes, her knees were parted , and he quickly had his fingers inside her.

To see her exposed like she was, her suspender belt framing her pussy, stockings being pulled tight by the straps, was highly erotic, and I admit was hard. Something Louise was aware of, it didnt take her long to make me come to a tremendous orgasm, she seemed to pump me dry, unfortunately as it turned out, mostly over the front of my suit trousers. I thought afterwards that Louise did that deliberately.

Richard made Clare wait a while longer before she to, came to a noisy climax,something that was heard by an amused Bulgarian waitress.

They were both experts it seemed, Clare and I sorted ourselves out, Clare pulling her panties back on, me trying to use tissues to clean up my messy trousers.

We watched the rest of the show, and saw Richard and Louise several times during the week, the first night didnt happen again, They both explained that they had taken advantage of us being naïve, but didnt think it was right to pursue us, it seems they had there sights on some others !!