Written by jimmy

10 Mar 2009

This is a true story, most definatley,

I met this cple of a swinging site, was a little difficult at first but eventually she made contact and asked me for a drink with the both of them, well we met up and exchanged friendly chit chat and she then turned to her husband and told him to go home, after he had gone she slid up to me and put her hand on my cock giving out a mighhh arn't we a big boy, shall we go i said, yes she replied , back to mine, he will will be downstairs whilst you fuck me upstairs,well we set off and i couldnt wait but i had to slide my hand up her skirt to feel that pussy, she willingly obliged and slid down and opened her legs to reveal the most wet pussy i have ever felt , but it was still tight, mmmmm she said as she grabbed my cock, we are 2 minutes away and im going to have that where your fingers are now, well as we pulled up to the house we entered the entrance hall she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs telling her hubby he is going to use your cock slut and you are not allowed in, as we got to the bedroom she instantly fell to her knees taking me in her mouth and sucking me deep, god i could have cum there and then, she slowly pulled her skirt down and pulled her panties to one side fingering herself and moaning whilst deep thoating me, then she got on all fours and said fuck me and then fuck my ass, well i entered her and she cried out god yessss fuck me fuck me, your cock slut wife is getting fucked to the brim you whimp she shouts, then as i pulled out to enter her ass, she shouts agin he is now going to fuck me up my ass, i slid in gently as she cried out oh my god he is huge, he is splitting my ass fuck me cum in my ass, i duly obliged then she shouts cum in and lick the cum from my ass, and then the door opened the husband almost ran in and buried his face in her asshole licking and slurping as she moand cum her and let me suck your cock, look at this big cock she said, now bend over and let him fuck your ass, which he did, and i entere his ass and fucked him senless, after i came she got on all fours and duly obliged and licked and sucked my spunk out of his ass, then told him to go, we then spent all evening fucking whilst he was in the spare bedroom, the next day her friend called round in the morning whilst we was still in bed, i heard her husband tell her she was in bed and she could go up and see her if she wanted, my god what was happening, the door opened and this gorgeous 20 yr old babes stood there with her mouth open and said my my what have we here, she started to take her clothes off and in no time she was at my side with my cock in her hand, he's a big boy isnt he the other women said. oh yes she replied he has fucked me with that all night im sore why dont you give it a go, she then lifted herself up and just sat on my cock, wow she was groaning and moaning like hell as her frind slid down and started to lick her clit she gushed everywhere and then lifted off and slid my cock into her ass, god she was tight she laid back giving access to her pussy for her friend their was cum everywhere as she slid up and down taking y full load up her ass, after a while we showered and i said i had to leave, my god what a night i only thought i was going for a quick shag and got the night of my life i can't stop wanking about it, so if any cuckolds want their wife srvicing give me a shout i now know what to expect and do it is amazing