Written by andysig

27 Apr 2013

Being a cuckold must be a strange thing but Mike and his good lady contacted me after reading about one of our trips away with a lady and several of the lads on a trip to Amsterdam.Mike wanted to see how Wendy would react to a couple of guys with a passion for threesomes given that she had only ever had one other lover and then only to please Mike I thought this would be a shock to her system.

It was agreed we would meet up at a local beauty spot just on the outskirts of Aberdeen

around 9pm. Ian and I headed out to meet them not noing what to expect.Mike had told us that Wendy was shy but a bit of a subby at heart and he thought she would like a guy to take control.When we arrived we spied the car sitting over in the far corner of the carpark Ian looking nervous as we approached the car Wendy looked stunning and not at all what we had expected,she was dressed in a white linnen summer dress which just went to enhance the virgional look it was great.I walked over introduced myself to Wendy and shot Ian a look that made him blush. So this is your wife I asked.Ian nodded and Wendy

looked down at the floor of thier car.Well Wendy I m told your looking for a bit of excitment she smilled and started to giggle.It was obvoius she hadent tried anything like this before so I asked if she new what it was she here for and she replied Mike wants to see me kiss other men. Wendy had had a drink or two to give her a bit of courage but Mike was stone cold sober.I held Wendys waist as I pulled her towards me kissing her fully on the lips before turning her to face her husband.Wendy was looking down at Mike when I ran my hands round her waist from the back cupping her tits as I kissed her neck.She wriggled pushing her arse back into my stiffening cock.Now Wendy Ian and I have came all the way over here to see you and your wimpish husband tell him what you want to do.Wendy just giggled and shrugged her sholders grinding her arse back against my cock.Tell him to get his cock out I growelled she looked into the drivers seat at her pathetic husband and told him to do it.He was embaresed but grudgingly did as he was told his small flacid cock stirring into life as he watched Ian and I feel up his wife.I ran my hands up her legs lifting the front of her skirt exposing a tight white knickers.Take your knickers off and give them to your husband,Wendy did as instructed.Now spread your legs Wendy looked at her husband and he nodded Wendy responded very slowly legs trembling with excitment as she offered her cunt to the two strangers in a desolate carpark.I slipped my hand onto her neatly trimmed fanny slipping a finger into her moist hole feeling her tense up a little befor grinding her clit against my wrist Ian began kissing her and unbuttoning her top freeing her little tits from their restraints Wendy now totaly relaxed as we began fingering her pussy and gropping her arse.All the while her husband wanking away at his pathetic little cock.

Wendy began feeling for my cock through my jeans unzipping them slowly and releasing my cock into the cool evening breeze,she wanked me slowly before reaching for Ians cock to perform a similar slow hand job on us both.I was now standing behind Wendy as she wanked my friend I pushed her slowly forward and told her to suck his cock.She shookher head refuseing and told me she didnt do that kinda thing not even for her husband.

I pulled her up straight and pulled her head back towards me whispering in her ear you tell me you have never sucked him off.She shook her head I told Mike to get his pathetic arse round here which he did his little cock waving in the breeze as he struggled to our side of the car Mike rested his arse on the wing of his car his little cock reatching for the stars.Now wendy we are going to introduce you to the wonderfull world of cock sucking get on your knees and open your mouth.Wendy now on her knees looking up at Mike still wanking over his wife, now kneeling down at his feet tits out pussy wet from all our attention Wendy opened her mouth leting her toung touch the tip of Mikes cock slowly sliding forward closing her lips round his pathetic little wepon within two strokes it was obvious Mike was going to cum in her little vigin mouth so pulling her head back with a sudden jerk I told him to fuck of and watch as his wife learned how to do it properly.Wendy obediently took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck me off as Ian readyed himself to use her sweet lips on his cock.Whith in five mins we had Wendy swapping from cock to cock like a whore on crack.Mike watching all this action tried to get a piece for himself but was quickly rejected back to the side line to watch as Ian started to pump a load into Wendys mouth she gagged pulling back letting some of Ians cun run down her chin.I pulled Wendy to her feet and without saying a word turned her over onto the bonnet of the car and forced her legs apart stuffing my cock into her wet fanny in one sharp thrust.Her legs buckled as I started hammering my cock up her pulling her hair back towards me so she was forced to look at her husband as I brought her to climax. Once she had came I pulled out of her pussy and pushed her towards her husband now clean her up I instructed the pathetic arse.He started to kiss Wendy saying thank you thank you covering her breasts and patting her totaly ruined dress down.No you arse hole I screamed at him get down and lick her clean he looked blankly his little cock still waveing at us all.Ian took control pushing Wendy back accross the bonnet of the car her back arched thrusting her cruch up now lift your dress and get this waste of skin to lick you clean.Mike slowly started to lick at his wifes pussy again it was obvious that this was not something he had done previously but with a little encoragement from a now horny Wendy he was soon up to speed as Wendy bucked and thrashed around pulling his head into her snatch.We watched this for a couple of minutes telling him to shift so we could fuck his wife.Wendy was fucked by both of us for a good 20 minutes on her back on her knees and then spit roasted whilst the hopless fucker stood by wanking.I asked Mike what he thought of his slut of a wife he was speachless but asked if we would do her again if he could arange it Wendy slid her wet cunt back along my cock slipping her hand onto my balls and said make him lie down under us I want him to watch your cock going into my pussy inches from his face.No sooner had I started fucking Wendy than his little cock began to twich he shot a load almost three feet in the air catching Wendys cheeks with spunk I pulled out resting my cock on her arse hole and began to push gentle the bitch pushed back as I felt her ring relax and my cock pushed home firing three good loads of cum up her tightes of holes before pulling out dribling cum on her husband.

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