Written by Debs

30 Nov 2011

This is what happened to me a couple of months ago, My husband

and i had a slight cock up on the financial front, so i had

taken a part time job as Hotel Receptionist, anyway after

about a month we had a night out, drinking rather a lot and

we carried on when we got home, ny Husband then decided to

play a game of dare, we would both roll a dice and the highest

number wins, but we both had to promise that we would carry

out the dare no matter what, so we roll and i get a 5 good enough

i am thinking but hubby gets a 6, Damn so what is my dare i giggle,

i have to admit i sobered up ptetty quickly when my Hubby

said " you have to sleep with the first person who asks

you out" no way i said, ahhh but we both promised replied

hubby. Well a week passed and no more was said, i was working

a twilight shift and this guy comes in he is about 50 but a

very handsome man, he checked in went to his room and then

to the bar, a while later he came to the desk " what time

do you get off2 he said 10pm why was my reply, wondered if

you fancied doing something, if by that you meen do i fancy

coming up to your room for sex then i must tell you i am married,

and i would like that very much. So at 1015 with my heart pounding i knocked on his door, when

he opened it he was just wearing boxers, he pulled me in side,

no romance here and we kissed , and i could feel his cock getting

bigger, he undid the buttons of my jacket and gently took

it off, next he unbuttoned my blouse and removed that, i

felt really naughty being undressed by a stranger, next

he undid my skirt and let it fall i have to say at this point

i wasn't wearing knickers, just tights, he unclipped

my bra annd let my tits fall out "God what a fine pair"

he said, the crudity of it was making me wet. I put my hand

inside his boxers and grasped his cock, it was thick and

long and i felt such a slut standing there in just my tights

stroking a strangers cock with my wedding ring catching

on his pubic hair. He kissed my neck and then down to my tits sucking hard on

my nipples and biting them, i thought he would take my tights

down but he just ripped the gusset out of them and in an instant

he was finger fucking me, i started to moan god it felt good

my legs buckled and my juices flowed, so he lay me on the bed

and went to work on my fanny with his tongue, i was panting

and moaning and after a short while i came with a squeal,

he stood up with his face covered in my juices, and said "i

am going to fuck you now but i don't pull out so if that

isn't for you gonow" i simply said Fuck me now,

he slid inside me he was big and made me gasp and as he worked

up a rythmn i started moaning again he got faster and faster,

i could feel another orgasm and i squealed again as i came

and shortly after with a shout he filled me with hot cum,

we just lay there for a few minutes and then he rolled off,

feeling a little ashamed i mumbled something about havint

to go and got dressed, he practically pushed me out of the

door, as i walked the corridor i could feel his cum and my

juices running down the inside of my legs and kept having

to wipe them with my hands. when i got home Hubby was in the

living room, i walked in raised my skirt and said, guess

what i've been doing.