Written by Bellyboytim

2 Dec 2014

Following on from my posting last night, my wife is only just on her way home now having spent the night having sex with Paula. I have not had much sleep as all night long she has been sending me photos and even a short video of what they have been Upto

Paula lives alone and has a huge array of toys, vibes, dildos etc and the pictures included both of them using them by themselves and on each other. In one particular shot, my wife had an enormouse silicone cock deep inside her. She was stretched to the limit and there was a ring of thick white juice around the shaft. But it was the look on her face that got me. She was obviously mid orgasm, I know that face so well.

The video was of my wife squatting over Paula's face and having her pussy licked and sucked. I spunked onto my body as I watchd her pussy pout and pulse as she came in Paula's mouth.

She will be home any minute and I hope she kept her promise not to shower as I want to smell and taste the sex on her when she gets here.

Wish me luck!!!