Written by Happy couple

24 Jul 2011

My wife and I were laid in bed one morning last week having a lie in. She is very curvy, 36d (true), and 5 foot 2 with shoulder length blonde hair. We have been married about 20 years so our kids were old enough to stay out at friends quite often. This meant we were alone in the house and having a bit of a play in bed.

We often indulged in long hours of just touching and bringing each other close to orgasm, but sometimes went all day without either of us coming. This meant that we were at a high level of arousal for most of the day. Like most couples we often talked about meeting other couples, or told stories of how she would be fucked by another man. Some of the stories were very horny and often involved her flashing, something that she enjoys doing a lot in real life.

She has in the past, flashed delivery men at the door by wearing see-through clothes etc. And it is a favourite story of ours.

We were both very aroused when somebody knocked on the door. I looked out of the bedroom window and there was a large van parked outside. I dared her to flash to him and she said I might even go further. I dared her to, and she put on a slinky dressing gown which was very short and didn't really cover her bum.

She went downstairs and opened the door and I stood on the landing watching her. She opened the door wide and I could see the man from about waist down. He had a very large box at his feet and as she signed for it she let go of her gown and part turned towards me. I could see her nipples which are thick and long, and I knew that he would be able to as well. She asked him if he would carry the box inside and he bent down to pick it up. She had not closed her gown and I could see him looking at her pussy as his eyes were at that level.

I could see that he was a mddle aged man, probably about 50 and had round glasses that made him look a bit pervy. He carried the box in and she told him that it was her day off so he was lucky to catch her in. I was trying to watch as much as possible without being seen and they stood chatting for a while.

She said that she was having a lie in and apologised for not being dressed properly. He said he liked her gown and it was a pleasure to see such an attractive woman. She said I bet you see it all the time and he said he couldn't remember the last time. It was a bit of a myth.

She said well at least you appreciate me, my husband doesn't take much notice. He said if I was your husband I wouldn't leave you alone, and she told him that she gets quite lonely. It was nice to talk to somebody and she had better not keep him. He said no problem and she put her hand on his arm and said that's nice, thankyou.

She then asked him if he thought she had a nice body, and slipped her gown from her shoulders. My cock jumped as I saw this and she cupped her breasts to show him. He took his chance and touched her nipples and she moaned as he squeezed them. His hand went between her legs and when he realised how wet she was he pushed her against the wall.

At this point I couldn't really see much so moved down one step so that I looked directly down on top of them. She was moaning as he fingered her and she reached down and got his cock out. She payed with it for a while then came around the stairs and leant over still holding his cock. I just managed to get back onto the landing as he followed her. I could see her reach between her legs and then knew that she had him in her.

He thrust into her for only about 30 seconds before he groaned loudly and pulled her hips hard as he came in her.

My cock was dripping and I was so turned on it was all I could to stop coming without even touching it.

He quickly zipped up his trousers and was out of the door in another 30 seconds.

She had not even moved and looked up at me with a big smile on her face. She came up the stairs and I could see his spunk running down her legs.

She was so turned on she was like an animal as we fell onto the bed. I think we both came in about 30 seconds and I filled her with my own spunk.

We did talk after about the safety of it but she said that she was so turned on that she was desperate as we had spent the last hour getting close to orgasm and not actually cum.

Since that day we have been like new lovers, continually having to fuck each other and she wants to try out some of our other fantasies.