Written by Sandra

4 Jan 2013

I have told you about my sex life with my husband and my first boyfriend jimmy and how he has dominated me. He has read the listings on here and I have been told off for not writing everything down. Jimmy dominated me from the very beginning as I first started work and he was three years older than me an experienced. I was shy and naive I was an only child and I never knew who my father was. I was brought up by mother so I never had a male role figure in my life until I met jimmy. So when i met jimmy he fucked me on our first date and was dominant so I just assumed that this is how relationships were. In truth I loved the way he treated me and I long to be with him almost every day. My mother was a house keeper for a large estate house and worked Monday to Friday and was home at the weekends. I was a shop assistant and worked Tuesday to Saturday meaning I was off every Sunday and Monday. So what I am about to described to you happened one Monday when jimmy came round to our house. When he arrived I opened the door to him and he just walked in and said my balls are aching I am going to fuck you. This was the first time he had visited me at home and took my hand and said right where is the bedroom I led him up stairs to my room when he said no your mothers room. No jimmy we can’t use her room, I’m not asking you Sandra I’m telling you. So he pulled me along the landing to my mother’s room and stripped me naked and lay me on the double bed. He took off his own cloths and climbed on top of me rubbing his cock against my pussy lips. This had me creaming in no time moaning ooooohhhhh jimmy, fuck me jimmy. Then he suddenly stopped got off the bed and opened the laundry hamper pulling out her clothes. Then he held up a pair of her full back soiled knickers and held them to his nose and inhailed the aroma of the gusset aaaarrrrhhhh nectar. Then he held the gusset over my nose and told me to smell it I could hardly believe that I was taking in scent from her knickers. But jimmy was not finished there as he ordered me to lick them so I gave it a slight lick. No not like that bitch, take it in your mouth and lick it properly. As I licked it became wet then I took them in my mouth and sucked them till they ware clean. I was young and would do anything he wanted in fact this made me so horny obeying his commands. To my surprise the taste of her knickers was not unpleasant, quite the opposite the taste was amazing and I sucked the gusset clean.

Jimmy now satisfied that I obeyed his commands went down on me and began licking the length from my arse to my clit. This sent me over the top and I came gushing my juice all over his face as he buried his nose in my pussy. Then he said I am going to impregnate you are a cock crazy slut , what are? I’m cock hungry slut. With that shoved his hard cock up me until his balls were slapping my cheeks as his cock stretched my pussy. Fill my pussy go on fill me, then as usual he emptied his balls in me giving me thundering orgasms. After he slipped out of my spunk filled pussy he ordered me to put on the knickers that I had just sucked clean. I was told to wear them until the next night and I duly obliged his wishes and met him at the park as arranged. We were sat in his car when he said take the knickers off bitch. He always called me bitch and I loved the way he said with great conviction it made me feel like I belonged to him. The knickers were stained with jimmys spunk and my juices and were wet and sticky and he put them in his pocket. I asked what he was doing with them his reply was wait and see, I just hoped that they would not be missed. Jimmy fucked me again before he dropped me off and I went to bed happy and contented. I saw jimmy two nights later when he handed back the knickers which were more wet and sticky than before. I asked what he had done with them when he said suck them clean bitch, as I sucked on them I could taste the odour of stale spunk. Eventually they were clean when he told me that his brother had wanked in them filling the gusset with spunk. So I tasting jimmys spunk, my love juice and his brothers spunk and they tasted absolutely devine. My husband likes to suck my knickers when I come home after jimmy has fucked because my love juice and jimmy’s spunk fill my knickers. He will then fuck me asking me? is jimmy better than me oh yes darling much better than you, and a lot harder and bigger. Then when my husband cums inside me he shouts jimmy, jimmy, fuck her jimmy make yours take her from me, make your own. This really presses all the right buttons for me and I orgasm immediately. My husband has no inclination to watch jimmy fuck me, but jimmy is telling me that this is going to happen because he wants to show him just how much I love jimmy fucking me. I know that my husband loves to hear what jimmy does to me but I am not sure if he would like to witness the authority that jimmy has over me. I do not want to stop seeing jimmy nor does my husband but how will he react to seeing me being dominated by jimmy. But shortly it will be a decision that we have to make and I only hope it will be the right one for all of us.