Written by bill

23 Jun 2011

So Kay my wife had her two day on a so called course, she was back and things settled down

That next week as I told you she been getting home late and once she didn't get home till twelve that nigh her excuse being it was a late business meeting that dragged on, I pointed out she had phoned in the afternoon to tell me she be late so I would of thought she would of called in the evening as well, she didn't have an answer to that

I was starting to suspect some thing may be going on, so I started to keep an eye on her and things didn't added up, it was little things she was more dressed up for work thing like that I never noticed before, then a week or two later a neighbor asked is Kay still at the same job Iv seen her car home a few times in the afternoon,this got me thinking and when I thought about it she taken a lot of interest in my work and what I was doing since she been away, it wasn't till then then the penny dropped

She is seeing who ever it is at home as well when she out, the bitch I thought, I still needed to prove it, so I started spying on her I would go to my work and some time in the daytime pop over to where she parks her car at work, it seemed to be always there,I would drive past the bungalow where we live lots of times in the day if I could after a month I thought I was imagining it,about a week or two later I got a job come up on a holiday home not to far away I could travel it but I told Kay I be staying away to do the job

Other times I have stayed away she moaned and said I could fine work more local,this time she was fine with me being away,if I didn't know better she was pleased

The customer has said I could stay in the house to do the work I had the keys,I hadn't been there a hour and Kay phoned to fine out if I was okay hows the work and all that stuff,she also wanted to know when I would be back I told her it looks like there be three weeks work and I would not be back till the weekend, in faked I locked up and drove back that afternoon I got home and parked in a side road where I had a view of the front of our bungalow, at five Kay came home a early one I thought, a short time later the front room curtains where drown it was still daylight,about seven a BMW pulled into my drive,a man got out and went to the front door all I could see was his back Kay open the door, I could see she was dressed up a real short skirt and white blouse he stepped in as the door closed they kissed, fifteen minuets later my phone rang, it was Kay asking how I was have I has some thing to eat and was it comfortable there,she was making sure I was still there

It was starting to get dark now, so I made my way into my garden, I tried to look in the front room window but couldn't the room has a smaller window at the side there a gap in the curtains there, I could jest see most of the room Kay was standing close to a man I couldn't see there upper bodes, I a shocked to see how short Kay's skirt was she got stockings on as well she not warn any thing like that for me in years the skirt was that short I could see the tops of the stockings the mans hand came down onto her ares and pulled her even closer his thigh parted her legs the skirt rucked up higher I could see she had hold pus on and it seemed no panties the flesh of her bum cheeks was in view

They stayed like that a few minutes,they parted and they went and sat on the sofa you could of knocked me over it was her boss Robert he must be getting on for fifty, they where in a very passionate embrace he was leaning over Kay as they french kissed his hand where all over her at the same time one hand under her skirt, her legs parted and I could see his hand moving he must have a finger up her, after a time they moved so she was more on top of him, I then sore one breast had come out of her blouse so she had no bra on either, she was kissing him and undoing his shirt at the same time she pulled it open then kissed his chest she was now tugging at his trousers he had to help they where soon undone and she pulled them past his knees with his underpants, at first Kay was in the way she then moved a little I was in for my second shock one I was not ready for, there lay his thing cross his upper thigh, I think I gasped it was semi stiff it look huge it was long but the thing that hit me was how fat it was, my wife was kissing way down his tummy as she did she lifted it up as he reached it she held it in both hand and drew the foreskin back, to expose a darker more pinkie bulbous bell end with a large rim sanding out I was in awe as her tongue flicked out to lick it her mouth opened she jest about managed to get it over it as she sucked and rubbed it in her hands I could see it stiffen its veins started to darken and stand out like black lines he must of been fully erect now it not got much longer I would guess about eight inches but he had a really big girth

He was squeezing and tugging her tits at the same time I not seen her nipples that stiff in years if ever in the end he pushed her off it they had a long kiss he kicked his trousers off I watched as they got up and left the room