Written by Bill

24 Jun 2011

As I have told you Kay my wife, was having an affair I was suspicious she thought I was working away she had even phoned to see how I was, what she didn't know I was parked a few hundred yards away when she called, I had sat there watching as Robert her boss arrive in his flash almost new BMW and park in my drive way,my wife had come to the door and let him in dressed like a tart, obliviously for his benefit, I had spied on them in my lounge and watch as she gave him oral on my sofa and then seem them leave the room hand in hand half naked go into the hall she must of been taken him to our bedroom to have him in our marital bed the bloody bloke is hung like a donkey no wonder she been off sex with me for the last few months I have had to pester her for sex getting loads of excuses,no wonder she didn't want my dick after his, if I followed him I not touch the sides

Its a good job we have bungalow and its all on one level, I was still out side the lounge window trying to get myself together I felt angry and jealous and the shocking thing it got me really aroused seeing them I had a right bone on, that embarrassed me more than a little I should of rushed in and kicked the hell out them both but you know that didn't cross my mind, the thing that made me sick about this Robert I have thought of him as being an old man and his always gone out of his way to be nice to me when we have meet he even asked me to call him Rod the basted, I knew where they must be going our bedroom at the back, so I made my way round there out side our window are bushes,I had to get behind them which wasn't easy the bedroom window has strip blinds that have never really fitted that well when closed once I had got in there and moved around a little I found I had a good view of most of the room to the right and our bed

I got as comfortable as I could with bushes, by then they where both naked on my our bed

getting into what looked like serous snogging Kay was almost under him on her back this went on for a time as I looked on her leg came up and bent at the knee the other flat on the bed, the bent leg lay to one side now given me a full view of her crotch she had shaved it a year ago to go on holiday and has shaved it ever sine I wondered if it was for his benefit now, she has quite fleshy pussy lips that are quite long really they looked moist and had parted a little a sure sight she aroused, the room was quite well lit even with the main light off both bedside lamps where on and the bathroom door open with the light on it came to me she had sorted this out before hand the duvet had been removed there was jest the bottom sheet and willows left, Robs hand moved down her stomach it stopped jest above her pussy a finger looked as if it was teasing the top of her slit the bulge where the clitoris is her leg then lay right back as if to encourage him I thought the lips had rolled back a little more she looked more open he was now rubbing and teasing her clitoris it started to stand out as I know to well,he dipped a finger inside I watched as his hand moved as he fingered her they where still in an embrace as this happened Kay's hand came down he rolled back a little she got hold of his cock, I couldn't quite see but her arm was moving so she was rubbing it

Rod then lifted himself up so he was between my wife's legs he knelt there for a few seconds a big pear of balls hanging under him, he must of been holding that massive cock

he went forward as he did Kay's thighs parted I got sight of her face as he move over her

Her mouth seemed to open as if she gasped as he did that I got a better view between there legs he had managed to get it in her, her pussy looked stretched round it he sunk in and lay on top of her, slowly he started to move his strokes getting longer each time I could see more of his dick it was wet with Kay's juices she was getting quite a pounding under him now hell for an old boy he was going, Kay was starting to life with him buck under him then her legs came up into the air and waved with each thrust she took I could see the bed move as well,then she dropped her feet to onto the bed she heaved up and arched her head rolling from side to side she must of been climaxing he slowed down after that he must of been going for a good ten minutes or more flat out he been up her for about fifteen minutes by then, he was only rocking on top of her now, as I watch he picked up speed once more as he did he lifted her legs up so they where on his upper arms and bent back over her it gave me full view of her pussy with him embedded inside her there was a wet patch on the sheet, and a white slim round his cock and over her pussy lips, he was really going now Kay's hand gripped the sheet her head rolled he made he cum again he couldn't keep this up a I was right he slammed into her and stayed there

his ares twitched and he jerked on top of her, his balls pulled tight as he shot his load into my wife it then hit me they not used a condom I had the snip years ago, I hoped he had as well, I had got my little dick out as I watched and shop my lot over the wall where I was, I then got myself out of the bushes I sat out side in a daze think about what I had seen I must of nodded off it was some four hours later I was woken by Robs car leaving I wondered if he fuck Kay any more or maybe how meany times if he could I wished

I had stayed or gone back