Written by lucky bugger?

28 Feb 2007

We'd had some fun together in the past watching films but things had kinda moved on and our friend had been ill. So when my wife had to house sit for three nights in another city I suggested that our friend and I pop over one night for a meal and a film that we could watch with the sound turned up for a change. Out of sight of nosey neighbours and children. The idea wasn't seen as an innocent gesture of friendship! "There's to be no funny business" she said "That's fine I said" " You can watch a film if you must but watch it is all that's happening...." Ok OK!

The night before we were to go my wife and I spoke on the phone to each other the but if I thought a bit of horney phone talk would work I was mistaken. Early the next day I spoke to my wife and checked the time we should come and all she could say was "No funny business mind..." That evening I picked up our friend and drove to our meal. I explained the ground rules and said I hoped he hadn't expected anything more and he didn't! Boy was I going to have a fun night.

We parked up and went in it was all kind of strange she'd been drinking before we got there.... We sat down to eat and got into a very dull chat. Then after the meal we went and sat in the lounge. "Come on then put your film on" and down she sat wine glass in hand right in the middle of the settee. We sat either side started the film and had this unreal conversation about bad music, bad acting and the rest. I started to notice that actually my wife had dressed with with some care. Her top was unbuttoned enough to show a good view as she moved about and her skirt was a wrap over with one fastening. As the film got hotter I slipped my arm over the back of the settee and stroked her neck while I gently undid te buttons on her blouse until it just parted leaving her lacy half cup bra quite open! I couldn't believe my luck but Lionel was not noticing at all. I offered another drink to them and now he saw and while she sat between us with a glass of wine and a fag in her hand we both gently opened her blouse and stroked er now nipple hardening tits. Without a word betweenus we slipped her blouse off and freed those tits from her bra. She carried on sipping her wine and smoking her fag as though nothing was happening. At this point the girl in the film was entered by a very large cock and I asked if Sue was Jealous. "Mmmmm" she moaned and put down her glass and fag and felt for or raging cocks. We wasted no time in freeing her grom her skirt to reveal hold-up stockings and a very swollen wet fanny! Sue turned to me and swallowed my toungue while swiveling her legs towards Lionel who wasted no time in diving deep into hersweet fanny with a greedy slurping sound . My cock was straining and her fingers were really magic but I wanted to fuck her without breaking the spell. Then I felt Lionel move to fuck her himself as he did so she broke away from me and straddled Lionel. The sight was fantastic and I didn't have a camera. Here was Sue clad in lacy hold ups playing with her nipples while shagging lionel as he sat fully clothed on the settee. I came behind her and rubbed my cock against her face while feeling her beautiful tits . She screamed with delight as Lionel pumped his juice into her. They both sank exhausted. "Get me another bottle and some fags" said Sue as she lay legs drawn up and wide open next to my mate. I had to go out to the local shop it before it closed at 10pm. Out I went leaving them watching this horny film that had just been bettered on the sofa. I walked down out of the front door and downto the shop. As I came back I suddenly remembered that there was a back lane with a gate into the garden and I thought hey the cutains were open! I hurried up the lane and thought I'd sneak and have a peak at them. I got up the lane and into the garden the gate was open, and the light from the room was beckoning me but I wasn't the only one.....

to be continued