Written by Andrea

6 May 2017

my stories are all true I enjoy exposing myself discreetly I fantasise about the times I have I've even done it to my parents elderly neighbour when I was around 22 they'd gone on holiday he was about 80 and my mum used to do his cleaning they'd gone on holiday and it was hot so I was sunbathing in the back garden topless I wasn't intending for anyone to see but I noticed joe at his bedroom window I didn't know whether to get up and stay I decided to stay I'm not sure if he knew I'd seen him I was getting turned on by him watching me so I started to play with my breasts he was still there so I eventually took my knickers off and opened my legs I played with myself until I came I got up and went inside he was still there watching. I was horny all night after this and started to fantasise about what I could do next this is the fantasy I had and I was planning to carry it out the following day . I was dressed in a short skirt and a low cuts vest top with no underwear I knocked on Joes door and told him I was here to clean while my mum was away he was sat in his armchair watching tv while I cleaned, he was watching me though not the tv I bent down in front of him eventually releasing a breast I told him it was hot and he suggested closing the curtains and doing it naked as he wouldn't mind, I agree and slowly take my top of and slip out of my skirt I'd carry on cleaning the house after it was done I pour him his afternoon whiskey, he told me he enjoyed watching me in the garden the day before and I laughed and call him a dirty old man. I sat myself on the arm of his chair with my legs over him encouraging him to play with my boob as I put my arm round his neck. He touched my nipple softly and caressed my boob I lifted myself up a little higher and caressed the back of his head gently pulling him to my right breast he'd lick around the nipple making it hard and gently suck on it he'd suck and suck like I was feeding him his whiskey through my nipple. His hand started to rub my leg he moved to the inside of my thigh and I parted my legs as he gently touch my fanny not going inside just slipping around the clit with my wetness, he looked up at me I was feeling very sensual towards him and said "what's wrong baby why have stopped" he said I want to taste you. I put my fingers between my legs and gathered some juice on my fingers I put each finger in his mouth to suck one by one he told me I tasted good. I stood on his chair one foot on each armrest supporting my self on the wall behind I parted my fanny lips with my other hand on moved down so it was right in front of his eyes I wanted him to see what he was about to eat. I slid my clit down his nose until it got to his mouth I kept my fingers there to part it and he gently licked my clit up and down then moved his tongue and inside my hole in and out softly I told him to move his tongue in circles he did and it felt gorgeous I couldn't believe an 80 year old man could give me so much pleasure! I wanted to come but the position was awkward so I got down and sat on his lap facing away from him I started to rub myself I told him to play with my tits until I came as the orgasm come I screamed with pleasure calling out his name "mmm Joe baby you're such a naughty man I'm cumming for you" I stood up and he playfully smacked my bottom and said I was a naughty girl, I turned round and straddled him so he could lick boobs again as I left a wet patch on his beige chinos, he said he wanted to see my face as I cum so I said on the chair opposite and made myself cum again while he watched me. I could see the bulge in his pants I was being selfish I'd not touched him once that was never my intention but he'd been such a good boy I wanted to reward him I got on my knees and undid his pants it was rock hard I told him he was a big boy and started to toss him off slowly he groaned. I could feel my fanny tingling again I wanted it inside me I straddled him again and teased my clit with his cock I was dripping and groaning I said "I want you inside me baby is that ok?" "Of course" I gently eased him inside in and out of me until he was fully in I put my hands on his shoulders and rode him softly my boobs jigging near his face I upped the pace then slow again I kept doing this I told him to tell me when he was going to cum as he didn't have a condom on, he said he was nearly there but so was I, I tried slowing down so he didn't cum and I could have my orgasm first the more I slowed and sped up the more intense my orgasm was building there was no way he was coming out of me until I came I didn't care anymore about him filling me with sperm he said he was going to cum i was too it was right there, my legs started shaking it was going to be a good one I screamed again "ooh baby baby I want you to cum inside me cum inside me baby" I gripped the back of his head I was cumming on his dick it was amazing it felt like it wasn't going to end I felt him empty his balls inside me this just prolonged the already amazing orgasm I was having after it stopped I pulled his head into my shoulder and stroked his face as I lifted myself off his cock the warm juices fell out of me and I stayed there sat on him letting them cover his pants my legs were like jelly I couldn't move for about 20 mins just sat on him caressing his face I got dressed opened the curtains and thanked him for an amazing afternoon he asked me to come back the next day.