Written by Kittycat84

22 Dec 2010

Over a year ago I told you all about my first intimate events with another woman, following my “Shocking Realisation” that I had a thing for women too. We saw each other and had an astonishing amount of exciting sex.

It was the weekend before Halloween and Becky suggested we all go to her family’s place for a party they were throwing. I got excited and soon decided I was dressing up as a sexy witch. I wore a sexy fitted skirt, a silk shirt left open down to my cleavage, and some fuck me black heals, not to mention the cape and hat. I gave Becky a sneak preview of my outfit; needless to say she was impressed and we ended up almost ruining my outfit while we fucked like crazy! Even after all the sex, I still felt amazed at what fun I was having; in a way I still felt like a girl, untouched and innocent.

It was Halloween and we headed over to Becky’s Parents to help get everything set up for the evening. I felt like such a dirty bitch because her parents didn’t know about us sleeping together, we were “just friends”. This dirty little secret made me so horny and gave me an amazing urge to push her against the kitchen side and lick her out in front of everyone. It was hard talking to her parents, while Becky sat across from me, her hands discretely between her legs; making me more excited and my knickers even wetter.

Becky and I went upstairs to get ready; we decided to have a shower together. We striped each other down, running our hands over ourselves, and enjoying the feeling of our soft warm bodies brushing together. We both stepped into the shower, and I used soap to lather up her delicious breasts, while she did the same to me. I couldn’t help but run my hand down to her juicy pussy to smooth my fingers across her wet clit, she breathed deeply. I knelt down and slowly pushed my fingers inside her pussy, feeling her hot juices as she tightened around my fingers. I took my other hand off her breasts and rubbed her clit. I felt her tense around my fingers, so I started licking her out, she moaned, “I’m coming Cat, I’m coming!” I licked her faster and harder, till she groaned along to her orgasm; I removed my tongue but leaving my fingers inside to feel her pulse.

I stood up to feel Becky’s hands all over me, while she kissed me frantically; I became excited and moved my hand down to feel my clit but she stopped me. She ran her hands over my ass and around my hips and towards my clit but stopped and lingered; I breathed deep in anticipation. Then she touched my clit I moaned so hard, she rubbed my clit and I felt my whole body tingle; she pushed her fingers inside me and she gave me a dirty smile, “You’re fucking wet babe!” She took her fingers out, licked them clean, and then she started licking me out. It felt so good I arched my back and took a deep breath. She continued licking me out while I held on to her head, it didn’t take long for me to orgasm and I moaned so hard while she pushed her fingers back inside me, which made me shiver all over.

After our steamy shower we dried each other down with some towels, kissing tenderly while we got dry. We might have looked clean but we both felt far from it.

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