Written by SUZY C

28 May 2009

Having told you of a couple of our stories over the last couple of weeks I thought you would like to know our story.

I was a virgin when I first met Rog. I had a few giggley fumbles and gropes with other boyfriends but no more. Even though I did enjoy my tits being squeezed a couple of times. One lad made an attempt to finger me on one date and although I initially started to let him put his hand in my knickers he got stroppy when I stopped him. I did see one lads prick at school once he was sat at the back of the class and wanked himself off in front of quite an audience. I did fantasise while led in bed I played with myself thinking of several pop stars or local lads that I liked.

Once after a night in town I shared a taxi home with two of my mates and a lad one of them met. I watched fasinated as she sat next to me and got his prick out. It was the closest that I had been to a real one. She fondled him and then proceeded to suck him off. He came in her mouth and she nearly threw up before licking him clean. I think I was put off going all the way by the number of girls I knew who had got pregnant.

Rog was several years older than me and I fell immediately for him. We started to date but I wouldn`t let him do any more than snog me or feel my tits through my bra. Then we went on holiday to cornwall for a week in a caravan. I managed to keep my virginity but one night after a couple of drinks we started to play fight when we were back at the caravan. I got him down onto the bed, as we wrestled each other I sat on his tummy. I don`t know what made me do it but I put my hand down his shorts. I felt him going hard. I pushed his shorts down to his knees and started to fondle him. I looked at it and said to him theres no way I can take all that. I then said he couldn`t shag me but I would wank him off. After a few minites his body stiffened and he shot his spunk all over his tummy and my hands. We had a shower and went to bed.

Over the comming weeks we had sex but I found it very difficult to take him into me because of his size. I thought at first because I didnt have any experience it was me being to tight. Eventually we used lots of oral and other foreplay to make it easier. Once used to his size we started to have a very fulfilling love life.

We eventually had three kids and were very happy. Being that rog was much more experienced than me I wondered what it would be like with other men. I often asked him about his previous patners and he was very upfront and truthfull to me.

One day he asked if I would like to go with another man. I said that I didn`t know. Eventually I said that I would. We had long chats about it and one day decided to advertise for another couple.

We chose another couple who lived about thirty miles away and arranged to meet for drinks. My sister baby sat although we didn`t tell her the truth.

After a couple of drinks we went back to their house. We all started to undress and I felt a little nervous. I looked at Pete and Liz, Liz was very similar to me which made me feel easier. Pete was taller than Rog but not so well endowed.

After a few nervous jokes we started to fondle and cuddle. Pete held me in a soft hug and started to softly kiss me. We both moved to touch more intimimately and I started to be consumed with desire. I felt Pete touch my pussy and fondle me as I stroked his prick. He moved around and we had a very satisfying 69. He made me cum twice. I looked and saw Liz grappling with the large size of Roger`s prick.

Pete rolled over on top of me and gently slid himself into my yearning pussy. I was suprised how easily he slid in after the problems I have with Rogers size. He started to slowly fuck me and it felt very different but very satisfying. We carried on for what seemed like hours and I loved every minute of it. Eventually we were both shagged out and satisfied. Liz and Rog had just finished as well. We had a bit more kissing and cuddling before bidding goodbye saying we would have to repeat the evening but we never did.

We talked about it and said that we had both enjoyed the evening both said it was good we liked the variety and would like to try it again.

A couple of years later we holidayed in Dawlish Warren. We were in the clubhouse one evening and hit it off with another couple. After a couple of drinks we decided to go back to our caravan get the kids to bed and have some fun. Again it was a very enjoyable experience totally different to the first time but no less satisfying. We bundled the kids off to the kids club two nights later and had a very sexy and felfilling hour before going back to the club to meet the kids.

After the hoilday we had a chat and said we would like to meet other couples and singles in future but never on our own always as a couple.

I get a kicks from seeing cocky lads or girls who think they have seen and done everything. The look on their faces when they see the size of Rog`s prick is brilliant. Seeing some of the sexy girls having trouble taking him is so satisfying.

There are alot more stories to tell you about but thats for another day.

We will continue to enjoy ourselves and I will tell you all about it.