Written by Tony T

8 Mar 2019

My wife and I had been married for 5 years before we divorced because I found out she preferred women to men. Amy is attractive, a little too skinny and flat chested but to begin with was great fun to be with and we lived each other. Pretty soon after we met I noticed that she had certain ideas as far as sex was concerned. We went on holiday a couple of times a year and each time she would befriend some woman, either single or the wife of a fellow holiday maker and talk them into bed. But what seemed strange was that she didn’t get involved, she did it to watch me fuck anther woman and she would sit there and masturbate, cumming as hard as the woman I fucked.

It always seemed strange how she managed to do it, from the pretty young 22 year old on her honey moon who she convinced to slip away from her new husband and jump into bed with e for a fuck to the older well to do woman who was prim and proper, who with her husband kept themselves to themselves until she was naked on knees with my cock inside her crying out for more.

I would ask her how she does it, how does she get a woman to fuck another man and how does she know who to ask. She would smile and say, ‘ I don’t ask, I suggest and they either walk away or smile, if they smile then I know they want to fuck’ apparently lots of women ( and men I guess ) want a little adventure in their life.

Then I found a strap on cock in her wardrobe and after a heated argument she admitted that marrying me was a mistake and that she preferred women, in other words my wife of 5 years was a lesbian. Not only that, she didn’t have nights out with the girls, she met women on line took them to hotels or went to their homes and fucked them. Some women were lesbians like her but apparently a lot were married women with families who wanted some fun.

As you would expect, I was gutted and embarrassed, some of my mates would wind me up about how I must be so shit in bed that I turned her into a lesbian. But in the end we became great friends and an even greater fuck team. We kept in touch and one day she asked me to meet her ‘friend’, a 47 year old married woman she met in work. Attractive, great ass, a little big but not too bad at all, large breasts and tall. My (now ex) told me that she had been trying to get her ‘friend’ to fuck for some time and that she was going in for the kill. I clearly wanted to know why she wanted me to know, she just smiled and said, ‘I want us both to fuck her’.

She (my ex) arranged the hotel and the date and time, all I had to do was turn up. The three of us arrived and had a drink, her ‘friend’ was clearly nervous which made her even hotter. She was wearing a business suit, black skirt, white blouse and black jacket. The blouse was a little tight which exaggerated her tits which added to her hotness.

My ex was wearing a similar outfit but her lack of tits to speak of meant that the blouse was flat as an ironing board.

As I mentioned, the one thing my ex was very good at was getting people to do what she wanted. Her ‘friend’ said that she couldn’t stay long and had to be home by 8pm, then, looking additional nervous asked if we were gong to have another drink or’ then stopped. It was now 6, so we were running out of time. My ex simply leant over to her and whispered in her ear. She looked at me and then leant over to me and said, ‘I told her that we were gong to take her upstairs and fuck her’.

None of us said anything, we got up and went to the bedroom. My ex, grabbed her friend and proceeded to suck her face, the two of them moaning as they did so. I was hard as fuck now, watching this hot woman with her engagement, eternity and wedding ring sucking my ex’ s tongue.

Then she stepped back and told her friend to take her blouse off. She hesitated but my ex just said ‘TAKE IT OFF’. She started to unbutton her blouse until it was open, her breasts pushing at her white bra. ‘NOW THE JACKET AND BLOUSE’. The jacket came off followed by the bra.

She looked terrified but my ex smiled and asked her if she wanted us to fuck her, she looked at me and then her and whispered ‘please’.

My ex looked at me and said, ‘well’ ? I undressed and in seconds I was standing there bollock naked, my hard cock ready, my ex undressed and got a strap on out of her bag and put it on before pulling her friends skirt and knickers off.

She was amazing, her friends tits were big, not too soft, her nipples big and dark red, hard. My ex pushed her onto the bed and the two of us ate her tits, her pussy and sent the next hour fucking her hard.

She begged us for more, not to stop. We would take it in turns to enter her and fuck her pussy and whilst one did that the other sucked her tits or her mouth before sliding back in. We must have made her cum four or five times before she had the longest deepest orgasm I had ever seen and begged us to stop, telling us that she couldn’t cope. I pulled out and sprayed her tits with cum, my ex groaned with pleasure before descending on her huge mounds and sucking up my cum.

They shared it, swapping cum from one mouth to the other, and when I thought it was over her friend pushed my ex onto her back and put her small tits in her mouth, managing to get one in at a time whole. The strap on was thrown to one side and the two of them rubbed clits together crying and wailing until they came again.

The three of us lay there exhausted, I had a small breast on one side of my chest and a large fat one on the other side, this woman who I had only just met rubbing my we cock until it was hard at which point it disappeared into her mouth which I eventually filled with my cum which she let dribble onto my ex’s tits.

Then her ‘friend’ had to leave and my adventure was over. My ex stayed behind, and she told me of her adventures with her favourite target, married women. Even describing her favourite which was fucking another ‘friend’ behind a hotel still in her wedding dress or fisting and being fisted by a heavily pregnant woman.

She is unbelievably filthy and takes pleasure in not caring. She has decided that she is not a lesbian and in fact she is ‘open to cocks as well’. We fucked and then left.

I expect she will be in touch again soon, if she is, I will let you know.

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