Written by Gerald

10 Nov 2016

We've been married 16 years and almost from the beginning, my wife and I had been verbally adventuresome in bed, telling each other our fantasies as a way of enlivening our sex life. During foreplay, and even before when that gleam in the eye of one or both of us announces to the other we want sex, we turn each other on with descriptions of our fantasies. She will tell me about men approaching her for sex and I tell her about me watching while another man has her. But we've never realized any of these fantasies.

As part of her job, she attends her company's quarterly financial meetings a plane ride away. It's always held on a Monday & Tuesday, so she flies in on Sunday and returns Tuesday night, staying two nights in the hotel where the meetings takes place. During the week or two leading up to her departure, our frequency of having sex increases substantially as we tease each other about her being seduced by men she meets while she is away. During the build up to the last meeting a couple of months ago, this became particularly intense and we made love every night the week before she left.

During one of those nights, I was telling her how I imagined accompanying her at her hotel and watching as one of her colleagues seduced her in the cocktail lounge while dancing with her, took her back to hour room, and had her while I watched. It made both of us very hot and, after we finished, she asked me while we were cuddling whether I really wanted her to do that. I gave it some thought and told her that if she was OK with it and if it wouldn't damage our marriage, then it would be a really big turn on for me, especially if I could have her when he was finished with her. She became pensive and I asked if she was considering it. She replied, "No, of course not. And you're never at my meetings so you couldn't watch, and I wouldn't do it without you." We left it at that.

A few years previously, she had started a practice whereby she texts me while she is away with fantasy happenings, always the same theme, her meeting a colleague at dinner or in the bar afterward, becoming enchanted with him, letting him take her back to her room, and spending the whole night making love until morning. She knows it turns me on and I spend her two nights away wanking several times.

The Sunday evening she left for the next quarterly meetings I received her usual 'I have arrived and am going down to the welcoming dinner' text. A few hours later she texted telling me she and the group from her local office were at the hotel cocktail lounge. A half hour later she texted that she had her G&T and the dance music had started. An hour later, she had her second G&T and she was talking at a table for two with a new guy from the corporate headquarters and he was very interesting. Next, they were dancing and she was drinking her third G&T, which was unusual since she rarely dances and almost never drinks more than two. I thought to myself, this sounds like it'll be a great fantasy, which in itself was unusual since she'd never done that her first night due to being tired from her day of travel, but I thought 'there's a first time for everything'.

I settled in on our bed naked with my own drink and my mobile. Sure enough, a little while later she texted that he had suggested he return to her room with her, but she told him she needed to check with me. She reminded me of our recent talk about her letting another man have her with me watching, then added she was unusually attracted to him and could she make an exception this one time and have him all to herself, and she would make it up to me. My cock got hard and I responded for her to go for it, but to give me frequent updates as I would follow the action naked in bed. She immediately texted me a big thank you and said they were leaving for her room right then.

Over the next half hour or so there followed short updates to the effect they had sat on the sofa in each other's arms kissing, he had opened her blouse and bra and had caressed and sucked her breasts and nipples while she felt his cock through his clothing. I asked if he minded her texting her husband. She replied that he thought it a turn-on and had no problem with her interrupting the action to text me.

The next text had him leaning her backward on the sofa and pushing her skirt up around her waist and fingering her to a come. They then stood, undressed, got on the bed and he was positioning her for their first fuck. Then there was almost an hour of silence. My mind raced overtime imagining what they were doing and I wanted to wank to a come, but held off knowing my come would be more powerful if it was after I read her text describing their encounter.

That text finally arrived and it was a fairly long one with the details. He had positioned her on her back, she opened herself for him and he moved between her legs, she was so wet and swollen from his fingering he easily slid into her and it felt wonderful to be filled by another man. Their first fuck was quick as they each were exceedingly horny having a new sex partner for the first time and they both came quickly. They rested for a short while, him in her, then did it again with her on her back and she had a second wonderful come, then a third one almost immediately afterward. She was so horny, she couldn't get enough of him.

They had cuddled and kissed awhile, then she was in the loo on a break, but was going back to him and expected they would continue fucking as they each were enjoying the other one too much to stop. I re-read her text several times as I wanked myself to a huge come, then dozed off.

The ding of the incoming text awakened me about an hour later. She was in the loo again and a bit sore down there. She had ridden him on top and his long cock had given her several quick comes in succession, then he finished off by coming in her from the rear after roughly pounding her like I do sometimes when I'm particularly horny. He was going to stay the rest of the night with her, and since he was a particularly randy guy, she expected they would have more sex during the night, and probably do it again in the morning.

She said she was too horny to text any more. She just wanted to enjoy it and would text at breakfast before the day's meetings with a full update. I wanked again, then went to sleep, until the ding of an incoming text woke me around 3. All it said was, 'Woke me. Hard doggy, Owe you!'

Her morning update text didn't get to me until lunch time while I was at work on Monday. It was so hot, I had to close my office door and suppress my hard on behind my desk. I almost whipped it out, but discretion prevailed. She reported they awoke around 7 in time to shower, dress, and have breakfast before their first session started at 9, but they spent that two hours in bed and repeating their marathon sex from the night before. By the time they finished fucking in several positions and he had given her three comes, they finally made it to the morning session at around 10 and received a bunch of knowing looks from the other attendees.

Her next text arrived around 10 Monday night when she reported they had dinner, again danced and drank in the hotel cocktail lounge, and had just returned to her room for more sex. Evidently, she was going to stretch out this fabulous fantasy through the second night. Monday night and Tuesday morning was a repeat of the previous night and morning and I wanked to her texts a few more times.

At around 4 on Tuesday afternoon, I received a phone call from her at my work while she waited for her plane to depart asking if her texts were everything I expected and did they make me horny. I told her how much they turned me on and that I had many wanks from them. She got quiet and paused long enough for me to ask if anything was wrong. In a serious voice she asked if I remembered her asking my permission in one of her texts Sunday evening for her to let another man have her that evening. I cautiously said I did. Then she said, "Well, that wasn't a fantasy. The colleague was real and all the texts were real and all the sex had actually happened.

I was stunned and just blurted out, "How could you? I told you when we discussed this a few days before you left on this travel that I wanted to watch?" She let me vent for another minute or so, then reminded me when I gave my permission on Sunday evening that she would make it up to me. I asked how and she said, "He will be in our local office the rest of this week and, actually, is flying with me on my flight. I thought you could pick up both of us at the airport when we get in and he could stay with us tonight. We could have our threesome with you watching and participating. Don't say 'No' just yet. I'm sending you a video I took with my mobile of us doing it. I'll give you enough time to look at it, and then call you back."

She rang off and the video arrived on my mobile. I opened it and she had propped her mobile on the nightstand next to the bed with the lights on. I had a clear side view of the bed and watched as she got on the bed and lay back. She raised her knees and opened her legs for him. He scurried up between her on his stomach and used his fingers and mouth to bring her to an intense orgasm. My cock got hard beneath my clothing as I watched her limbs flail about as she came. The sounds she was making came through loud and clear and enhanced my arousal.

He gave her maybe a half minute to come down and recover somewhat, then he crawled further up her body and I clearly saw her guide his cock with her hand to her opening and insert the head of his good sized cock into her pussy. He took his time getting it fully inside her. When he was all the way in, he paused and pointed to the phone. She turned her head and said to me as she wrapped her arms and legs around his body, "Hi, honey. I hope you enjoy watching this. He's got a fabulous cock and fills me so good. He's already made me come the last day and a half so many times I've lost count. We should have brought another man into our bed long ago … oh, he's starting to move in me and it already feels wonderful and I know I'm going to come again … oh, oh, God … gotta go …."

She turned her head back to him and they kissed with lots of tongue and I watched enthralled as he fucked her rapidly to a climax. I had never seen how she looks to an observer when she has an orgasm. It was so erotic to watch her body react when her orgasm hit her. The involuntary movement of her legs, hips and abdomen were unbelievable and my cock felt like it would burst I was horny watching my wife under another man. I was starting to re-play it when the mobile rang.

I answered and the first thing she said was to ask if I forgave her for going solo her first time. I reluctantly said I thought I would by the time she arrived a few hours later. She then asked if it was alright if he stayed with us that night. Again, I reluctantly relented. We talked for a few more minutes, and then her flight was called.

I went home and watched the video several times and wanked before transferring the video to our home computer in a secure file. By the time I picked them up, I had come to terms with her going solo on a deception and with sharing her with another man. By the time I watched him take her twice before my eyes in our bed and then I had her afterward, I was alright with it. That Tuesday night was a marathon all night session with he and I taking turns on her for most of the night. They went into work together and, even though he registered into a business hotel in town, he stayed at ours the next three nights before flying back to his wife Saturday morning.

My wife and I had several long talks after he left and the final outcome was that she could go solo on her quarterly travel and text me frequently with the details, but otherwise was only to play in threesomes with me. Since returning from that recent travel, the word has quietly spread at her office about how she hooked up with their visiting colleague. In the two months since then, she has been approached by a few of her male colleagues, all married, for sex. We have had three different ones join us in our bed, two of them one time only and the third one twice. I'm now quite comfortable with it all.

Oh, and her original lover has been on travel from corporate headquarters to my wife's office once a month since the quarterly meeting and has stayed with us both times for the two nights he has been in town. His travel to our town has become a regular part of his job and we look forward to his visits in the future.