Written by c antwait

20 Apr 2007

I watched in anticipation as my wife Nikki took her lovers penis deep in her vagina, her legs wide open, her knees bent back, her ankles being held by the man that we had only met 20 minutes earlier in the "Brassiere" bar. It had been a long "married" fantasy of mine to see my wife get fucked by another man, and now I was watching the women I love opening herself up to a new lover, which she had agreed to during one of our love making sessions.

For some time, we had talked about swinging and how it would affect our relationship. I had for some time now lived with the fact that my wife had taken another cock behind my back which upset greatly when I found out long after we exchanged our marriage vows. I would not have ever known of this affair had we not had a confession session which followed a fuck. For some time I had had a feeling that she had been unfaithful but could never pinpoint when and where,

"Have you ever fucked anyone else other that those whose I know" I examined

"Why", she replied with an anticipated look in eyes

"I always get the feeling that you have and I won't rest until you tell me"

"Will you be mad if I........", I stopped her from finishing as I immediately regained an erection and was allowed to enter her again, "well you were away, and I needed sex, it just happened", she explained as I fucked my wife, her pussy getting wetter by the minute

"I actually came like a waterfall, it was fantastic, and I have never done that with you". She expressed

On those words, I pumped my seed into her and realised that although I felt anger and jealousy, I wanted to see my wife enjoy the pleasure of another mans cock, whilst I watched and I was pleased I had achieved my objective. I was proud that my wife now was putting on a show for me, but also allowing herself to be fulfilled by taking another cock with me there for her.

My wife's ginger pub-ed fuck hole was being used relentlessly by her lover's dick, her juices being exposed on his shaft as he gave her his entire dick. For me to sit back and watch another man take my wife missionary was now the reality of a fantasy. I had never really though that I would see this happen, but as, with a load grunt he emptied his cum into her willing fuck hole, I could not help but feel ultimate fulfilment....My wife, happy at taking another cock, me happy at watching and a mutual agreement made that we had suddenly entered the real world of swinging that we had both wanted but never dare express to each other directly.

I arose from the chair, my prick hard with anticipation that I was going now to pump my gorgeous wife full of my sperm, to add to her lovers. Steve, slowly withdrew and as he did, his cum stuck to his tip as it remained on my wife's cunt lips, a link of mixed fuck juices which proved how much cum he had pumped into her. I could not wait to see my length go white with mixed juicy pleasure.

As I placed my tip at her entrance, I looked into her eye

"I love you sweet, thanks for that"

"I love you too, thanks for letting me have that, I came like a waterfall"

On those words, I injected her with my own seed and in pure ecstasy kissed her deeply.

We did not see Steve leave, but since then I have seen my wife take 56 dicks and our sex life has gone through the roof.

I can recommend that watching your wife get fucked is the most pleasurable experiences a man can ever have.