Written by dirty ideas boy

27 Mar 2019

We had just got together and begun to live at my house, just us alone with our love for each other and our lust for fun. We had been relentless with our duties, bonking ourselves to a standstill and then thinking of the next adventure. We were becoming braver, doing things that as a youth you just imagined after reading top shelf magazines. I was impatient to try to find out if the mind blowing ideas held any water when put to the test. There were more police patrolling on foot in those days, but it is harder now to get away with innocent sexy games with all the street cameras around. We lay in a post coital heaven one night when I started to get a hard on again. Liz brushed her hand against it and then rubbed a little stronger, gripping the foreskin and pinching it, which only produced more swelling and involuntary hip grinding from me. Our breathing increased as it does and we began talking dirty to each other.

As we ground our bodies gently She asked what had generated my erection. 'You' I said as simply as that was all that was needed from me. 'Why' she whispered harshly as I delved a finger into her already filled lips. 'I was just thinking how beautifully sexy you are and I wondered if you would take a little drive in our car and maybe someone will get lucky and see those lovely tits or your beautiful cunt' 'It's late' she said, continuing to grind against me and her breathing became more heavy. 'Do you think they will be shocked?' she asked. 'I reckon they might a little, but more delighted and amazed at seeing a beautiful young woman showing her body off, they might well want to fuck you'.

I knew she saw this as a challenge and she was into this. The duvet was thrown off and she put a side light on, the street light adding an orange glow to the room. It is late spring and just mild. I lay watching as she rummaged in her underwear drawer and found a suspender belt and clipped it on then found some stockings and attached them, shoes, hair done and a bit of make up, not that she needed it. She said she felt naked without it. I laughed and said that she was naked which made her chuckle too. She went downstairs and picked a short length coat. I heard her get the keys and open the front door. She called up to me to check the street didn't have anybody close by and when I gave the all clear the door closed and I heard her heels clicking on the road. I was out of bed and watching this spectacle. The coat did nothing to disguise her naked bum and she looked up at the window to see me and gave me a flash. It was a fantastic sight as she climbed in then shut the door. It has been imprinted on my mind all these years and still gets my cock hard.

She was away now and I was left with a cooling bed and a raging hard on. About ten minutes later our phone rang and it was her. She was in a phone box and said she had passed a young bloke a bit down the road, he was coming her way and she told me which phone box she was in. I immediately knew which one she meant as it was close to three roads merging and busy in the day time, but now there was very little traffic about. Then I heard her open the door and say 'Excuse me' to someone, I listened intently but just got a distant mumble, then a laugh and then silence, the phone went dead.

Now I was on high alert, oping she might have some fun but knowing the area, wondering if she might go onto some allotments which were very close by on the other side of the road to the phone box. About fifteen minutes later the phone rang again. She was back on the line and breathing heavily. 'I have just been fucked' she said. She actually knew the guy she had spoken to as he went in the pub she worked at and she had served him lunch a few times. However this time he served her his cock and filled her cunt when he took her just through the gate and on to the allotments, bent her over a fence and got his cock out and got her to suck him which she loved and then pushed her fur coat up her back before sliding his cock deep in her, fucking her from behind until she felt the rush of his cream inside her. He had the cheek to ask for a lift home after and made her drive with the coat on the back seat while he played with her pussy and tits and said how good it had been and he would like to meet her again. She said it was a one off but might reconsider if he took her for a night out some time.

She came home to me and I got to see her cross over back to our house with her coat dangling from her arm. She was full of bravado and said it was fun, the only thing was she hoped he would not spread it round the pub because that would be awful and lead to other guys expecting the same. I said she could sort of morally blackmail him by saying if anything got out about that night then there would be no chance of a repeat. I got my sloppy seconds and a few weeks later we went into town again with her in just a short jacket where we fucked in the early morning with the sun on our backs but the rest of town still asleep. We gave two revellers going home from a night club a treat as we fucked naked on the river bank while they watched from the parapet of a bridge thinking we could not see them. I was laid on my back and Liz on top so I was able to watch their heads bobbing about. Happy days, but a long time ago