8 Feb 2016

Ive never been into the whole sharing thing until I found out how much it excites this bloke Marc that I'm fucking. We were at home one night and having a few drinks told me to invite a friend called Dave over, so I agreed and sent him a text to see if he was free. While I was waiting for a reply from Dave. Marc told me he was going to go upstairs and that he want me to suck Daves cock at first I couldnt believe what he was asking me then he promised me I'd get a good fucking once he's gone but there was one rule and that I had to call him so he could listen to me sucking Daves cock. Dave finally arrived and asked where Marc was and I told him he went to bed early because he had a migraine. Knowing that Dave wanted me and has done for a while it didn't take him long to get a hard cock and for me to get my mouth wrapped around him, it excited me knowing that Marc was listening to the hole thing. Dave soon spunked in my mouth and I quickly got rid of him. Marc came back downstairs, kissed my mouth and bent me over the sofa and fucked me doggy, put his cock in my mouth telling me I've had two clocks in one night, he then fucked my arse untill he came in there. I've since fucked Dave whilst marc has been listening and the sex between Marc and me is amazing. I'm going away next week and Marc wanted me to arrange getting fucked by someone, so I'm working on that for now...