Written by Tania

1 Feb 2013

“Why the fuck do you want a people carrier Ryan? I'm not pregnant and I'm not going to get pregnant” I asked. He clicked on a picture asked what I could see. Lots of seats we didn't need. Another picture all the seats folded flat asking what I could now see. “No seats. So what?” I replied. “Much better for Dogging don't you think?” he suggested, giving me a dirty grin. A picture of myself, laid in the back being fucked, flashed through my mind as I realised it's potential, anything had to be better than being a contortionist in our two door Corsa.

That was why, every weekend, for nearly a month last spring, we traipsed around car dealerships, with me wearing a tight top, mini skirt, no panties, climbing in and out of vehicles, flashing my pussy, trying to find the right deal and model. Another good thing about people carriers I'd discovered, it was impossible to get in and out in a short skirt without flashing, fantastic. Finally he found one, with the specification he wanted, though I had no idea why, insisting that automatic and cruise control were essential.

Ryan bargained with the salesman, with me in the drivers seat, encouraging him to drop the price by flashing my pussy, sitting with my legs open by the time he said he'd reduced it as much as he was allowed. We'd got the price down £250. Any more would have to be authorised by the garage owner. I negotiated another £250 pounds off, over a blow job, with the owner, the final £50 for letting him cum in my mouth. I've been fucked for considerably less than that, but he wasn't to know and I don't suppose many middle aged men would have turned me down. I'm 32, slim with a nice bum, nice legs, a smooth pussy and 38FF tits, not natural, I had them done in 2010, a thirtieth birthday present from Ryan.

We picked the car up on the Friday afternoon, went for a drive, Ryan demonstrating the cruise control and automatic, reckoning they'd be really useful, without enlightening me why. On Saturday we spent some time on the internet, contacted a few guys, looking to see if there was any dogging action planned that night, found out about a couple not to local but OK. No point in getting there to early. Plenty of time for a leisurely afternoon in bed with Ryan, a shower, give my cunt a good douche, quickly run a razor over my pussy, before dressing. Out dogging I never wear much, hold ups, a mini skirt and see thru top or a mini/micro dress. The last weekend in May, one of the few warm and sunny weekends in Suffolk last year, was ideal for minimal coverage.

I chose my favourite hot pink, strappy, spandex, tube mini dresses, paired with tarty fuck me heels. I love the dress because, as well as being easy to remove, it clings to my curves, especially my boobs. It has panels which cover my tits, bum and pussy, the sides open, criss crossed with straps, leaving no one in any doubt that I'm naked underneath. Its just about decent enough to wear in public, provided I don't bend over or sit. We were going to stop at a pub on the way so I’d do both. A spot of exhibitionism to get me in the mood.

Ryan drove stopped at a pub close to where we wanted to go. Getting out of the high seating, in the car park, I lingered, letting a group of lads get a really good look at my pussy before standing and tugging the dress back down. Oops, a bit to enthusiatically, both my tits popped out the top. I gave them a look, smiling as I covered them up again. Into the bar, teetering on my heels, bending to put my bag on the floor, a quick flash of my bum and my gash. I found a stool then sat, crossing and recrossing my legs, flashing my gash until it was dark outside and time to check out any dogging action.

We hadn't been to the location for a while and missed the turn at first, turned around, drove down the track into the clearing, parking area. It looked as if the information we'd been given was good, three cars parked up already, half a dozen guys, chatting, having a smoke, as we drove slowly passed. We recognised a couple of them, pulled in passed them and parked up. Overcast, pitch dark, no roads nearby. I like to see what's happening, who's fucking me or waiting to fuck me and asked Ryan to leave the parking lights on and called to the guys I recognised to move their cars and give me some illumination.

While they did that I got out and went to check out who was there, have a quick chat. I was the only female, not the first time that's happened. More for me and if I don't fancy a guy, I just tell him to watch. This lot looked OK and one of the guys we knew would have said. something I heard Ryan slam the car door, and lean against the bonnet to watch. I gripped the hem of my dress, pulled it over my head and threw it to him. There's something so horny about being naked outdoors with a group of guys, stroking their cocks wanting to fuck me.

My pussy was already moist from flashing in the pub. Naked, six nice cocks plus Ryan, all hard, had my juices flowing. I crouched down, took a cock in each hand, wanking them, leaning forward, sucking them in turn. Umm, lovely and hard. I moved onto the next pair, took them in my hand sucking them both, savouring the feel and taste of hard cock in my mouth, before sucking the other two. Two crouched beside me, both stroking their cocks with one hand, one fondling my big tits, teasing my hard nipples, the other fingering my cunt. Moving from one cock to the other, taking them in my mouth, and partly into my throat, gobbling and sucking each in turn, for a few seconds each time. I spent 10 or 15 minutes making sure they were nice and hard and ready to fuck me. I was dripping sex juices, my cunt hungry for cock, listening while they discussed who'd fuck me first. I decided for them. Pointed at one, told him to sit on the bonnet, grabbed another’s cock and told him to fuck me.

They unfastened their jeans, pushed them down, one in front of me, resting his arse on the bonnet, the other behind. I bent over, spread my legs, felt the guy behind, rest his hands on my hips, sliding his cock between my legs, rubbing it along my slippery slit. One hand supporting myself, the other holding his cock, I lowered my head, wrapped my lips around his shaft, took him in my mouth sucking him off. I began to bob my head up and down, the signal for the guy behind, to enter my hole and fuck me. I was in my element, cock in my pussy, one in my mouth, five more guys watching, stroking their pricks waiting their turn to fuck me. I find Six or Seven guys is a manageable number to fuck me. I'm more than content to have an audience, enjoy being watched having sex, provided they're not pushy and try to join in univited.

While I was being fucked I heard another car pull in, followed by another. When they came over to watch I was pleased to see another woman, who after a few minutes stripped off and moved over to one of the cars taking most of the new arrivals with her. I could tell the guy fucking me was getting close to cumming, started squeezing his cock with my well trained cunt muscles, sucking the guy in my mouth harder, faster and deeper. He came first, almost catching me out, shooting his spunk in my mouth. I gulped it down, swallowing his cream moments before I felt the guy fucking me ejaculate in my cunt.

Sometimes I cum when I'm dogging, but even if I don't I still get immense pleasure from it. I do it because I just love being fucked. He'd cum just to soon, but I'd been desperately close. Frantically frigging my clitty I urgently called for one of the others to fuck me. I knew what I wanted and needed to climax, fast, deep and hard penetration. I turned and laid back on the bonnet, spread my legs, masturbating hard. The guy got between my thighs, I told him to lift my legs over his shoulders and fuck me. He rubbed his cock between my pussy lips, lubricating it with my juices and spunk. He was taking to long. “Just put it in and fuck me.” I groaned. He held his cock, pushed the tip in then slammed his pole up me. I gasped, frigged my clit harder, “Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder” he rammed his cock in and out, five, six times was enough. “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, FUCK I'M CUMMING” I screamed, rubbing my hyper-sensitive, erect little button roughly, cunt muscles quivering. The first electric like charge, spread out from my cunt, a wave of heat radiating from my pussy, my body flushed pink, nipples almost painfully hard as I came. I let my legs slip from his shoulders, lay back spread-eagled as he continued to fuck me, slow and deep for several minutes until I felt his cock throb in my cunt and he came.

I lay still when he pulled out, reached down to my pussy, scooped some spunk on to my fingers, licked them clean. I could feel cum running from my hole, beckoned the nearest guy to fuck me. He entered me, fucked me, came then pulled out. I turned over, told the last two I wanted to suck one while the other fucked me. They decided who would fuck me, who I would suck. They positioned themselves, I took the cock in my mouth, just gently sucking and nibbling, waiting for the guy behind to penetrate me. I felt his cock between my legs, touching my pussy, soaking his prick. He moved again, pressed his cock against my anus, attempting to push his cock up my arse. The cheeky sod. A look was enough to stop him. I like Anal sex, but my bum hole is reserved for Ryan and three or four special friends, though if necessary, to get a bigger discount or something valuable for free, I might be tempted to let someone arse fuck me.

He got the message, and with a shrug and a grin, pushed his cock in my pussy. I was beyond just well lubricated, my cunt flooded with spunk and my sex juices. His thick cock glided in and out of my cunt, while I sucked his mates cock. Bliss, taking another load in my pussy and drinking down the other.

Ryan as always, was by my side, ready to take me last. The last two guys moved away. I remained bent over the bonnet. Ryan leant forward, “What do you fancy. Cunt or Arse?” he whispered. I thought for a moment, looked at the guys watching “Arse” I replied. He dribbled saliva on my bum, used his fingers, to open my tight puckered hole. He dribbled more on his fingers, his spit running into my bum hole. Slipping his cock in my pussy, he gave me his length, several times, coating his cock. He withdrew his cock from my cunt, repositioning ready to enter me. He'd arse fucked me frequently enough to know I was ready to take him. I felt his cock touch my bum, the knob entering me, hard and slimy, sliding into my arse. My anus stretched open, accepting him, welcoming his throbbing, rigid cock as he pushed more up me. I moaned with pleasure, taking his length as he penetrated me to the hilt. Bliss, being taken by my man in the arse. He fucked my arse, watched by the guys who'd had me and several of those who had arrived later. He took his time, knowing that I was dreamily masturbating, wanting to cum with him. The tell tale signs I was nearly there started, he fucked me harder, ramming his cock up me as soon as I started to orgasm, releasing his spunk in my arse moments later.

That was it for the night, a successful and enjoyable nights flashing and dogging over till next time. I picked up my dress and put it back on. Two hours, seven cocks and one very happy and satisfied Tania later, we got back in the car and headed home.

We hadn't needed the flexibility of a people carrier that time, but in the awful summer it came into it's own allowing us to go dogging in all conditions. The back of that car earned its keep without a doubt last summer, autumn and sometimes in the winter so far.

Besides the flexibility of the car, it was two or three weeks before I finally discovered why Ryan had been so insistent on wanting an automatic with cruise. He'd been planning ahead. I'll write about that next time if you want me to continue.