Written by Andy

17 Jun 2012

The follow on of = Hi all more public toilet storeys I was in one in Cornwall on the A30 =

He say to me where are you heading, I said no where why what did you have in mind,

He said its getting a bit late but I would love you to meet my wife, well I really mean I think she would like to meet you,

We have done a few 3sums in the past, I said cool ! yes I have done many, and so much the better when the guy is really Bi, well for me that is,

So he rang his wife and had a chat with her told her he had meet this really nice guy and that he had a really nice cock that she would like,

There was a bit of reluctance about the phone call, but she finally agreed,

So I said look its not a problem to me if we don’t I wouldn’t like to push a situation if it wasn’t a 100% willing,

He said the only thing is it’s the other side of Bodmin was I alright to go that far,

For a good 3sum the Uk is not to far I said,

So I followed him to there place had no idea what I mite be letting my self in for,

On arrival in the house he puts the kettle on says make you self at home and goes of to find his wife, they arrive in the kitchen she is in a robe fresh from the shower,

So we do the pleasantry bits and I drink my coffee,

I said can I have a shower first please she leads me of to the bath room now the robe has come fairly lose now and she is getting me a towel out of the cupboard I can see that she has nice thin legs with a bit of a tan so drop all my clothes of she than looks at my naked body and says Mmmm you’re a bit tasty, So he was right,

I said is that a all over tan, she opens the robe for me to see what a lovely body, size maybe a 12 lovely big tits with large nipples and a shaved pussy, I said very nice, so it is all over,

I like the shaved pussy she said that she had just redone it,

So I get into the shower and she helps me with the shampoo and things I now have a erection and she is studding it, sat on the loo seat, with her robe completely open,

Would you like me to make sure you haven’t mist any bits, she ask,

Good by me I say,

So now she is in the shower with me giving me a good all over scrub, now hubby has arrived into the bath room and says well you two seam to have hit it of,

Yes I said but I guess you need to be in here too,

Yes and of with his cloths and now we are all in together a bit of a squeeze but nice so I am the cleanest so I get out and let them two have a play while I watch,

She rubes him up a nice big erection then leaves him in there to rinse, I get the pleasure of rubbing her dry good time to fully inspect her lovely body,

I ask her would she like some lotion rubbed in, hubby is now out and we are both drying him of,

We are both supporting very hard cocks at this point, so she says best we all go to the bed room and yes to the lotion,

So over the next hour we lotion each others body suck and play with each other essential parts, and just enjoy the three of use together,

We also have had the conversation about how he / we had meet and what we had done, at the picnic area,

She says that she would like to video hubby and me fucking each other in all the ways that men can, so we start sucking each other in a 69 position on the bed then he lubs me up and fucks my arse while I am in the doggy position on the bed,

so I equally retune this to him, wife gets quite excited by this seeing her hubby being fucked up the arse, and wont to put her dildo up him and fuck him her self, while working the dildo in and out with one hand and holding his balls with other, I position my head under her so I can eat her pussy,

she says this is a first and seams to go of the ricktor scale cum all over my face in a big way, hubby could feel what was going on and let go of a large amount of spunk

falling forward and laying in it with a dildo still sticking out of his arse,

she has sunk in to a collapsed state of doggy, I was wanking my self though this so still had a hard on but have not shed my load, (sadly)

I say it looks like you have booth had enough, and thanked them both for the most enjoyable few hours that I can remember, and said I should leave them and go on my way, DON’T you dare she cry’s out from in a pillow, lifts her head up and say I have not finished with you yet, go and make the coffee while we recover for round two, head back in the pillow saying wow Oh my god wow fucking wow !!!

So of I go and the rest will have to be the next time or it will be to long,