Written by Frank

3 Nov 2015

Whilst looking through a cupboard draw I came across an old pay as you go phone the naughty in me started to work overtime , I said to Ann why dont we put some credit on this and have a little fun sexting her being as naughty as me agreed ,we then answered an ad and were in touch with a chap one thing led to another and we agreed to meet him for coffee the day came at which point I lost my bottle but Anne as game as a pebble went off to meet him ,all the time she was away my stomach was churning she returned safely and said he was polite but nothing special ,he turned out to be rather odd whilst wanting to pleasure her in a hotel he wanted me to pay and was rather upset when told,to get lost sending texts intimating the rattle was out of the pram,that was the end of that . A short while later we were once again in contact with another chap an arrangements were made again game as a pebble off she went for late morning coffee once again my stomach churning they met and he congratulated her on her looks and appearance had coffee and Danish and chatted he asked what she liked and vice versa and came to the conclusion they both loved sex ,she returned safely with a smile on her face saying he was a perfect gent I should add nothing went on ,Some weeks later we both met him for a lunchtime drink in a country pub as described he was a nice fella who made it clear he would love to pleasure her he lived alone and said would you like to visit and perhaps have a dip in his hot tub, I said perhaps ,a week or so later we visited him at his home an immaculate detached house in the next town , we duly got into the hot tub but at my insistence we all wore costumes with no hanky panky it was a nice experience and all behaved ,we said goodnight and thanked him for a nice evening. On our second visit we were naked in the tub and I could not resist fondling her breasts then the next moment she was sat on his lap hands behind her back stroking his fat cock he was then fingering her pussy at that time I was getting little pangs of jealousy ,we got out of the tub where they gave each other oral both loving it I then called a halt saying it was time to go home,she was not happy. We have since met again for a drink and ended up back at our home where whilst giving me oral he was down on her giving her a wonderful licking followed by him fucking her , he is keen to have a repeat performance and wants to take her shopping for lingerie for the next time .I am not sure will let you know.