Written by Dave-walker

5 Jan 2014

hi im dave and live just east of york and i posted a story a few months ago about me fucking a married customer of mine called racheal, this is just a couple more stories of me fucking her.

id been round to her house as usual on a thursday doing a few little jobs then going inside and fucking her just to remind you she was late 30s about 5'6 slim nice tits with huge erect nipples to die for, this had just been the usual arrangement and it suited me just fine however one friday evening in july she txt me and said did i fancy a meet up at the pastures a local beauty spot daughter at sisters and hubby going to the pub?

too right was the reply from me,

ok 8.30 at the old quarry she quickly text back,

well 8.30 couldnt come quick enough as i was driving to the pastures me cock was throbbing at the thought of a her body, as i slowly pulled into the old quarry she was already there in her little grey clio,i got out of my car and walked over to her dessed in some denim shorts and and a little white vest top showing off them big erect nips she met me at the front of her car and kissed me passionatly.

when we pulled away i asked where are we goin then? she just whipped off her top and said here!! my cock sprung to life as i went to suck on her nipples she gasped with pleasure as spent what seemed like ages i kissed her again whilst undoing her shorts i slid my hand inside down towards her nicely trimmed pussy she started to moan as pushed my finger into her sopping wet pussy ipuuled away slightly and said someone might see us, to which she kissed me harder and let out a really loud moan.

i then moved her toward the bonnet of her car pulled down her shorts and laid her down resting her legs on my shoulder i went down on her wet pussy flicking her clit gently with my tongue she was moaning really loudly now if someone was out walking they'd certainly of heard her, she then pulled my head up and said fuck me i need a cock in me now!! stick it in i need a cock.

i slammed my cock in her and began to fuck her furiously, oh yes fuck me, fuck me she shouted after what seemed ages she said fuck me from behind, as she slid off her bonnet couldnt help having another suck on them huge nipples i loved em, as i slipped my cock into her she steadying her self on the bonnet oh yes i fucking love it doggy fuck me harder she screamed, after a good 10 min of fucking her from behind she was in ecstacy and came really loudly as i carried on fucking her she reched between her legs on started to fondle my balls i couldnt hold back i shot huge load of spunk into her well fucked fanny,

as she put her clothes back on i said you must like the thought of someone watching do you? she just smiled and kissed me on the lips and said right iv got to go David will be back in an hour or so,

wont be getting a shag tonite though will he? i asked

oh he will she replied, 2 cocks in one night can you manage that? i laughed

wouldnt be the first time she said laughingly. with that she jumped in her clio and sped off.

she often teased me about shagging other blokes she told me her kitchen and kitchen floor had been replaced due to water leak and she fucked one of the workmen.

there was 2 of them and she'd been teasing them same as she did to me walking round all week braless and white vest top on and while the other 1 went out for some supplies she asked him into the front room and fucked him, she said he was a bit older than me but had a huge cock the biggest she'd ever had,

iv a few more stories about rachael if you want more